Available kittens are below in this green box  & you may call or text us at 337-230-3150  with the # of the kitten you fall in love with & we'll hold it
for you.
Ragdoll females of Heaven & Raggedy born 7-13-2018
#6  Seal Mitted  $900
#7 Seal Mitted $1000
Pictures Above are 2018!  2017 families are on "FAMILY" page.  Families 2016 & before in "GALLERY".     2017 families on FAMILY page.  Families 2016 & before in GALLERY.  2017 families on FAMILY page.  Families 2016 & earlier in GALLERY.

You may make a $300
nonrefundable deposit with
to hold your choice! Please call us 1st
to see if the kitten you want is still
available because we update the
website once a day.
See Facebook:
Cats By Francy

We accept Debit Cards, MC,
PayPal & Cash.
Please call or text us for a
free tour.


Would you like to live forever,  In a paradise on earth?
Where every man would be your brother; What would such a world be worth?
Would you be willing to give up...  All your bombs, your swords, your guns?
And beat them all to plow shears;   Let the Kingdom come?
Would you like to live forever,   Strange though it may seem?
It's time to call the meek together,  And it's really not a dream.

Would you like to see the sunrise,  On a clean and redeemed earth?
And no more sickness, no more tear filled eyes;   Now what would such a world be worth?
Would you be willing to do without...  Your factories, freeways, smoke machines?  
And like the wolf, lie down with the lamb,    If you know just what i mean.

Oh would you like to live forever,  Strange though it may seem.  
It's time to call the meek together,  and it's really not a dream.  

Yes would you like to live forever,  In a paradise on earth?   
And if you'd like to live forever,    Tell me, what would such a world be worth?

Psalm 37:9-11,29; Prov. 2:21-22; Isa. 11:5-9
Matthew 5:5; 2Peter 3:13;  Rev. 21:1-5

Bible Questions Answered:    www.wol.jw.org/
All of our Gorgeous, Sweet  Kittens have CFA &/or ACA bloodlines,  Champion Pedigrees & are DNA NEGATIVE for Kitty
Diseases of Polycystic Kidney Disease, Retinal Atrophy & Cardiomyopathy.    All of our Ragdolls & Ragamuffins have:  $400
worth of medical work: 2 series of Respiratory Vaccinations, Wormings, Advantage Flea Prevention & $300 worth of
Registration Papers, Champion Pedigrees, DNA papers & a Written Guaranty.  (Breeding rights are $1000 extra)
(Blue numbered boxes = boy   &  Pink numbered boxes = female)
Kittens cannot be adopted until they are 8 weeks old.  No Delivery & No Shipping!  You must pick up your kitten & have your supplies
ready before you come or you can purchase our kitten kit for $100.   (See the list at the top middle of this page)
Your kitten needs these supplies so please get
them before you visit us if you don't want to
purchase ours:
(1 Double Bowl, Large Bag of Iams Kitten,  Fancy
Feast & other Canned Kitten Foods,  1 bag of Tidy
Cats Litter, Litter Pan, Scoop, Double Brush,
Fancy Durable Pet Carrier with Cushion & Toy)

Your kitty must be neutered if it is a male &
spayed if it is a female or it will mark your
house with it's urine & feces to attract a
mate.  It is not being bad. It is being
normal!    Please contact your Vet !

www.SpayNation.net   (prices
below 2016)

1. Male $49 fee includes exam, anesthesia,
surgery, antibiotic, rabies shot & tax.
2. Female $59 fee includes exam,
anesthesia, surgery, antibiotic, rabies shot
& tax. Clip claws - $5 extra.
We are near the crossing of 2 Interstate Highways.  
Easy to find!

From I-10 take Exit 100, Ambassador Caffery South; Go 1
mile. At the Y, veer left onto Bertrand Drive; continue 1
mile (see UHC Hospital & Cajun Dome on left); cross
Congress St..  Slow down & proceed thru next light in
the right lane going straight; turn right at the 1st street,
Dugas Rd.;  Go 3 blocks & turn left onto Fallbrook Ave. ;
146 is the 5th house on the left.

From I-49 North take Second St. west toward  
Cajundome; proceed 2 miles & turn left at Bertrand Dr.
light; 1st light proceed straight in right lane.  1st street
turn right on Dugas Rd.  Go 3 blocks & turn left on
Fallbrook Ave.; 146 is the 5th house on the left.

From I-49 Hwy 90 South turn left at Louisiana
Ave./Johnston St. go 4 miles & turn right on Bertrand Dr.;
Go 2 blocks & turn left on Sunnyvale; 3 blocks to the
right is Fallbrook Ave. & 146 is the 9th house on the right.

We are looking forward to meeting you!   
Please Drive Carefully!
w/Splash   "Raggedy Andy"
TOUR OF CatsByFrancy.com    337-230-3150  (5-14)
owned by Stefani Domingue


Only a Licensed Veterinarian can give medical advice but we can tell you
what has worked for us over the years:

1. WE FEED HIGH QUALITY FOOD as Science Diet & Iams because good nutrition is vital for good health.   A little
canned food or table scraps cut small & placed in a treat dish, on your lap, in your recliner, every evening, will teach
your kitty that your lap is a very nice place to be.  We never clip nails, give medicine or pull out a mat on our laps.  
The hands are for petting & not for grabbing kittys tummy to make them bite.  That may look cute when they are little,
but when they grow up, they will jump to bite your hands while you are on the computer etc & will make you mad
& it's your fault.    Play with them with dangley toys & laser lights, but not with your hands!  

2. WE WORM OUR CATS MONTHLY and our kittens we worm at 6 weeks of age and every 2 weeks until 6 months old
& then monthly.  We use Strongid Wormer, proportionate mgs to their weight, mixed into their favorite canned food.

3. IF DIARRHEA OCCURS & they are wormed already, something else is wrong.  We use an over the counter anti-
diarrheal pill to stop fluid loss immediately then we start kittys on Albon for Coccodia for 10 days (from a Vet.)   While
on Albon we give a Tsp. of cottage cheese or vanilla yogurt a few times a day to restore the natural flora in the
intestines.  If Albon doesn't stop the diarrhea within 2 days we suspect Giardia so we use Metronidizole
(6-11 mg/lb every 12 hours,  for  5 days, from a Vet).  If we treat for Worms, Coccidia and Giardia and still there is
diarrhea, then possibly food is the problem, but in our case, the food has
never been the problem. Sometimes
NO Worms, Coccodia or Giardia were manifest in the stool sample but
treating them anyway stopped the diarrhea,
so one of them was the cause, but was not seen in the stool sample.

4. WE GROOM OUR CATS WEEKLY & BATHE THEM MONTHLY, Kittens twice/month.  We prepare warm water in the
kitchen sink & add 3 capfulls of bleach/gallon of water; then we put the kitty on the counter and clip its claws, 10 in
the front, 8 in the back. We comb them to remove any mats, dip the kitty gently into the water stroking them gently to
coat their entire body.  Then we place the kitty on a towel on the counter & pour a warm soap mixture over the kitty
(made of Head & Shoulders Shampoo or Dawn & warm water).  We massage them 5 minutes, then rinse them well,
towel dry them for 1 minute, change towels & then continue massaging and combing them.  If we decide to blow
dry   we carefully start the dryer a few feet away & gradually bring it toward the kitty while talking softly & gently
massaging them.  A bath helps them feel good, prevents skin problems & kills parasites.

5. WE USE EAR MITE MEDICINE and FLEA PREVENTION MONTHLY. After bath, drying & brushing we put the kitty on
the counter and put a few drops of ear mite medicine in one ear canal and massage 5 seconds. Then we place the
kitty on the table and put ear mite medicine in the other ear canal, massage 5 seconds; then put Advantage Flea
Prevention (according to their weight) on the kittys back between the shoulder blades.  

6. TO KEEP KITTY OFF OF THE TABLE AND COUNTER: We simply do things the kitty must have done (like #5 above)
in places that we do not want them to go. They must be ear mited, get flea prevention, have their claws clipped and
hair mats removed, which things they don't enjoy, so we put them on the table & the counter to do these tasks.
We  never do things they hate on our lap!  We don't allow easy access to high places like the counter or table or tall
kitty towers so they don't injure their backs, sprain ankles or injure their internal organs which can cause

7. IF KITTY QUITS USING THE LITTER PAN OR MISSES THE PAN: If the kitty is 1 year old and not yet neutered they may
be missing the pan on purpose to attract a mate with their smell.  Please do not scold them.  They will not understand
but think you hate them! They are not being bad or getting back at you!   Please get them neutered!  Older males strong
urine smell takes a month or 2 to disappear, after they are neutered.  Don't be mad at them!

a. Litter may not be clean enough or dirty clothes stink & the kitty thinks, "Oh this is where they want me to potty!"
b. Using a new litter or one of poor quality may hurt kitty's little tender feet.
c. If we moved the litter pan & forgot to put the kitty in it, they can't find it.
d. If there is insufficient lighting our kittys won't step where they can't see what they are stepping on.
e. If the litter is closer than 6 ft from kitty's food (kitty won't potty near it's food because it smells up the area.)
f.  If we changed homes or someone comes to live with us, our kitty may be scared so needs consoling.  Daily
gentle petting & brushing, a fresh catnip capsule from the Herb Store sprinkled onto their favorite canned food,
or plug-in Enzymes helped us.
g. If kitty is not wormed monthly & has runny stools it can be difficult to get to the pan in time (see #2)
h. Kitty may have Coccodia or Giardia since it licks it's feet and ingests what we bring into the home on our shoes;
unless we are Oriental and remove our shoes at the door.
i. If we have a new baby or a new pet or a relative is visiting, our kitty may be scared of the newcomer & mark
territory to try to run them out.   We provide an extra litter pan in a less trafficked area (like a closet) & give them
extra attention, food & love.

Kittys need comfort, love, lots of our time & never scolding or hitting.  This is abuse!  
If we treat them right, the result is a wonderful pet that will bring us joy & happiness & love us for many years.

PROVERBS 12:8 says,
"The righteous one is caring for the soul of his domestic animal."

Keep in close touch with your Veterinarian because they love your pet too.
Text or call: 337-230-3150


are born white & short haired.  
Himalayans are Persians with
Siamese coloring:

CFA Club calls these Persians.
ACA Club calls them Himalayan Persians.
TICA & ACFA Clubs call them Himalayans.

Baby Himalayans and Baby Ragdolls
are always born white & develop their
color with age.
"Snicker Doodle"
our Ragdoll Seal Point Mitted female.
Please come visit &  tour our beautiful "Cats By Francy" Kitty Kindergarten &
6 Marriage Patios we call "Kitty City".    We do volunteer work several days a week so
please call or text us 1st to make sure we are home to visit with you.  If you would like
to have a Free Home Bible study, request one from us or have an online Bible Study at  
Proverbs 12:10-  "The righteous one is kind to animals."
Our Chinchilla Persian
Free Tour  Friday Nov. 16   (2:30pm - 4:30pm)
337-230-3150  146 Fallbrook Ave.;  Lafayette, La. 70506    Updated 11-13-18
Feb. 2016 Laura Mitchell's daughter
Billie of Monroe La with Ragdoll Seal
Point "Snickers" from Francy
Justin Marchiano with his Seal Mitted Ragdoll
"Sam" from Cats By Francy 2016
Dana Roques daughter Hadley"
with her Blue Mitted Ragdoll
they named  "Sully" 12-2016
Laura Tamburo's daughter Presley
with her Seal Pt Mitted Ragdoll
"Roman" of Francy Jan. 2017
March 3, 2017 Joshua Creasman &  
his daughter Macie of Youngsville La.
got a Ragdoll kitten they named "Lilly"
SOLD Seal Bicolor Ragdoll to Richard Phu
of Houston Tx 2-28-2017    
Kristy Andrus of Baton Rouge with  2 Ragdolls
from Francy "Beau" & "Bella" 1- 17.  
See her Facebook KITTY RESCUE
John & Becky Muse's Seal
Point Ragdoll from Cats
By Francy 2016
Ragdoll Stud Seal Bi-color
"Shnuggle" of Francy
Blue Bi-color  Ragdoll of
Francy "Sebastian" owned
by Houston Police Officer
Dina Brach came 8-22-17 from Baton Rouge to play in Kitty Kindergarten
with our kittens & get a Ragdoll
Kyri Guillory has loved playing
with our kittens since she was
5 yrs old.
owned now by Rebecca Sawyer
Seal Mitted Lynx "Max D"
of Shu Shu Cader from Francy
Seal Point Ragdoll
Michael & Johnna Melito's Gia with their
kitty "Bruno" from Cats By Francy 12-16
Dana Roques daughter Hadley"
with her Blue Mitted Ragdoll they
named  "Sully"  12-2016
Laura Tamburo's daughter Presley with her Seal Point
Mitted Ragdoll "Roman" from Cats by Francy 1-2017
Anne Marie Van Meter & Amyelle came 1-5-18 from
Covington, La for our White Persian kitten.  Anne
adopted our stud "Snow Angel" on 11-30-17 & named
him "Baby". He's happy his son "Louie" is with him.
Nathan & Ann Grizzaffi-Jones of Baton Rouge
La got a Ragdoll they named Grace 1-1-18
Aaron Byrd came 1-5-18 from Belle
Chase, La for a Ragdoll Seal Mitted
female for his family
Celeste Benoit came with her son
Bryson from Thibodaux La on 1-5-2018
for a Ragdoll
Ben & Natalie Coale came with their twins from
Mobile Alabama 1-12-2018
for Lana's Lynx Ragdoll
Jodi Benoit of Lafayette came on
1-12-18 for our Lynx Bicolor
Ragdoll she named "Lucky Bynx"
John Beyer of New Orleans got
our Blue Point Ragdoll 1-12-18
Wes & Regenia Forman of Clinton La. came 1-7-2018
for a Ragdoll teenager female they named Reese
1-19-18 Allison Duke of
Houma La got "Daisy"
Brian, Rhea Kathryn Kasen & Kellan  Adams
of Carriere MS got a Bicolor Ragdoll 1-27-18
Liz & Hunter Boyer of Lafayette, La
got our Seal Lynx female Ragdoll
1-25-18 & named her "Mazoo Tiger"
Rachel, Cole, Kaci, Liam, Blaire Brooklyn & Olivia
Babin of Amant, La got our Red Point Ragamuffin male
on 1-15-2018
Myra Varnado came 1-19-18 with daughter Emily from
Roseland,La for Ragdoll "Ellie" for her twin Hillary
Dr. Vickie Cruse with Jordan & McKenzie came
2-2-18 from Theodore Alabama for their 2 Ragdolls
Aeliya, Syed & Wahaj of New Orleans, La. got a
Ragdoll on 2-5-18 they named "Kitty Berry"
Ryan, Kelly, Lola, Luca & Talyn Turlich of Belle Chase
came 2-12-18 for Ragdolls they named Mattias & Malikai
Julie Lumpkin of Cypress, Tx came with Maureen,
Eva & Audrey for 1 Ragamuffin & 1 Ragdoll 2-16-18
Dillard Drake of Austin Texas came
2-19-18 for a Ragdoll he named "Daisy"
Doyle, Heather, Jacey & Ellasyn Hoffpauir of
Kinder Louisiana came 2-23-18 for a Ragdoll
Liz, Jordan & Jewel Cabello of Westminster Colorado
got a White Ragamuffin Petunia Lilly & Ragdoll Jazzie
Skye 3-5-2018 & flew back 5-28 for a Seal Point
Mary Lailhengue of Lafayette got
a Ragdoll 3-5-2018 "ZuZu"
Arliss, Christina & Abby McClendon
of Denham Springs La named our
Tortie Ragamuffin CiCi on 1-20-2018
Kerry Friestad of Shreveport La.
came 2-5-2018 for her Ragdoll
boy & named him "Jasper."
Emily Varnado & Landry Graves of River
Ridge got Coochie's Ragdoll on 2-9-18  
Timothy, Eva & Emma Green of Broussard La.
got our Seal Bicolor Ragdoll 2-9-2018
Daniel & Mallory Hutchinson of Broussard
La got a Ragdoll for Noah & Juliet 2-9-18.
Jennifer Seeling & Howard Wu of Metarie,
Louisiana came 2-9-18 for a Lynx Ragdoll
Rob & Liz Sanders of Covington
1-30-18 for a  Ragdoll
Allyson Williams & her family of Youngsville
2-16-18 came to get our Teen Ragdoll "NOLA"
Nurse Sue Parker & Adelise of
Jefferson La got a Ragdoll 2-16-18
Ragamuffin sold to Trina Martin of
Denham Springs on  3-26-2018
Paula, Cameron & Kendall Mire came from
Crowley La for their Ragdoll  on 3-2-18
Shane & Jen Johnson came from Geismar La for
a Ragdoll  Kitten on 3-2-2018
Kyle, Krystle, Madison & Trinity Haase of Denham
Springs La got Punkin's Ragdoll 3-9-18
Liz Gardebled of Metarie La came 3-23-18 & got
"Trixie" for her family & their Ragdoll "Buddy"
Melinda Hardison of Denham Springs
got a Ragdoll "Bruin" 3-16-18
Eugene Romine of Shreveport, La.
came 3-22-18 for a Ragdoll "Dolly"
Davin, Christina, Madison &
Mileena Sanchez of Luling La got
Ragdoll "Rocket" 3-18-18
Wahaj & Aeliya Syed came from New Orleans for their 2nd Ragdoll they
named "Tiger" on 4-2-2018
Lisa Collins of Arnaudville, La
came 3-23-18 for a Teen Ragdoll
Angela Leger came from Vidor Texas for a
Blue Mitted Ragdoll "Luna" on 3-14-18
Eugenie Uhl, photographer of New Orleans, La  got
Doodles teenage Ragdoll male "Pierre" 4-23-18   

Annie Griffin
Smith of
Mississippi got
their Blue Point
Ragdoll "Luna"
from us in 2014
& sent this pic
4-2018 of her
with her
daughter Mary
Francy's Blue Mitted Ragdoll "Navey
Blue" owned by Nicole Sellers
Tara Lucette's son Jordan of Lafayette with his
Smoke female Ragamuffin kitten from Cats By
Francy they named "Violet Flame" 4-6-2018
James & Lorey Delap of River Ridge,
La got Ragdoll "Morpheus" 3-16-18
Dr. J.D. & Lesley Davis IV of Jackson MS got
a Blue Mitted Ragdoll for their family 5-11-18
James & Shannon Owens drove from New York & got a
Ragdoll but 30 min. on the road headed home they turned
around & came back to get a 2nd one 5-9-2018.
Mary Rodriguez came from Metarie La on 5-4-18
to get a Seal Bicolor Ragdoll
Preston & Cale'e Seckman of Breaux Bridge,
La came 4-27-18 for our Lynx Ragdoll
Beth & Ben & Collin Prince came from New Iberia,
La to get one of our teenage Ragdolls on 4-28-18
Tara Lucette & her family of Lafayette La came on 4-6-18 for our Smoke Ragamuffin kitten & it is
clear that Jordan has a new best friend.
Jess, Amber & Jace Garcia of Beaumont TX got a
Blue Mitted Ragdoll they named "Little Foot" 3-30-18
Kelley Miller came from Mandeville, La 4-6-18 for 2 teenage
Ragdolls they named Chelsea & Dolce; now best friends!
John Schilling with his daughter from
Franklinton La got a Ragdoll on 4-23-18
Lourdes Nurse Ilissa Yocupicio with kids Jordan, Adrian,
Gabriel & Dylan of Youngsville, La got a Ragdoll 4-6-18
Eathon Bradley & Foster Phillips of New Orleans, La with Seal Mitted
"Cleocatra" from Francy got another Ragdoll 4-22-18 they named "Apollo"
Herb & Carol Farley & their son & grandson came
from Monroe La on 4-27-18 for their Ragdoll teenager
Haley Dufour & her parents of Lafayette, La came
4-26-2018 for a teen Ragdoll they named "Frodo"
Dani came with her Daddy Forrest
Harrison from Orange, TX for
Ragdoll "Elio" 4-28-18
Dani came with her Daddy
Forrest Harrison from Orange,
TX for Ragdoll "Elio" 4-28-18
Stephen Tara, Mason & Tessa Hammon came from
Oklahoma City, OK 4-27-18 & got 2 Ragoll kittens
Come play with the kittens like 12 year old  Mason
Hammon of Moore Oklahoma who came 4-27-18
The Kimbrough's sent us this pic 4-2018 of their Ragdoll
kitties Seal Point "Benz" & Lynx "Beau" from CatsByFrancy
Come for a Free Tour & play with the kittens like
this sweet family who came 5-26-2018
SOLD 6-8-18 to Sarah Prince
of New Iberia, La
Michael McCarty of Baton Rouge, La. came with his
mom & sister on 5-25-18 to get 3 Ragdolls
Lacey & Kylie Kinch came from Shreveport
La 5-25-18 for their Ragdoll
Katie Sheets & her kids of St.
Amant La. got a Ragdoll 5-28-18
Nick Kiker of Prairieville,
La got a Teen Ragdoll
Carolyn, Michael & Emma Sterne came 6-8-18 from
Alexandria, La for a Seal Bicolor Ragdoll
Smoke male Ragamuffin "Jasper" is loved by Keaton Brennamon & the Brown Mitted Tabby
Ragamuffin is loved by Amy Tang & she named her "Matcha" on 7-6-2018
Cindy Moore of Dallas Texas came
3-23-18 to get a Ragamuffin male
kitten they named "Link".  He is
now best friends with their Golden
Doodle, "Buddy"  
Big Foot's
Seal Mitted
Liz, Jordan & Jewel Cabello of Westminster Colorado got a
White Ragamuffin Petunia Lilly & Ragdoll Jazzie Skye 3-5-2018 &
flew back 5-28-18 for a Seal Point
SOLD 6-25-18
SOLD 6-26-18
Now in their new loving homes the male Seal Mitted is named Georgie &
lives in New Orleans.  Both Ragdoll kittens are  from "Raggedy" & "Lana" born
2-28-2018.  The Lynx female is loved by Brandi Hopkins in Hammond La.
Stacia & Gavin Macleod of Youngsville La.
visited us on 7-13-18 & got a Ragdoll male
Ragdoll of "Daisy"  & "Big Foot"  born
Patricia Lo & Stuart Strunk of New Orleans,
La came 7-26-18 for a Ragdoll teen female
Leslie & Gracie Gugliuzza & Leilani of New Orleans,
La got a Ragdoll 7-23-18
Ragamuffin Born 4-6-18
to Strawberry & Raggedy
Victoria & Molly Guidry of Metaire, La. got our
Bicolor Ragdoll 8-10-2018
Kristy Dufrene of Thibodaux La. came on 8-10-18 for a
Seal Point Ragdoll male they named "BEAU"
2018 families who adopted kittens from Cats by Francy below                        2018 families who adopted kittens from Cats by Francy below                2018 families below.  2017 pics on FAMILY page & 2016 & earlier in GALLERY.            
The Turlich family of Belle Chase La. adopted
our Bicolor Ragdoll 6-18 & sent this pic 8-18>
Tim & Sharie Begnaud of Youngsville, La
came 8-5-18 for our Brown Ragamuffin
Jason, Kathryn, JJ, Isabella & Emily  Kilpatrick family of Bossier
City, La came on 7-28-2018 & got 2 Ragdoll kittens from us
Haase family of Denham Springs came
8-16-18 for our Seal Bicolor
Abdullah, Seema & Ali Syed of Kenner La
came 7-4-18 for a Blue Bicolor Ragdoll
Derek & Dustin Paray of Patterson La came 7-27-18 to
get Lola & Raggedy's Ragdoll Seal Mitted female
Vicki Ziler came with her son & Mom & got a Lynx Ragdoll 5-28-2018 & came back for
another kitten, a Chinchilla Ragamuffin on 7-28-18
L-R: Vicki Ziler, Lindsey Hebert & Liz Boyer all
of Lafayette, La. got Lynx Ragdolls 5-28-18   
Arliss, Christina, Abby & Tray McClendon of
Denham Springs, La got a Ragdoll 6-9-18  
Karoly & Krista Rapasi of Youngsville, La came
6-25-18 to get Raggedy's Bicolor male Ragdoll
Daniel, Erika, Ella Joy, Britt, Jenkins & Ark Harrison came from
Covington, La for a Ragdoll kitten on 6-27-2018
Ragdoll born to "Lulu"  &
"Shnugglepucker" 4-21-2018  
SOLD 8-24-18 to Alexandra Sanicola in Atlanta
Georgia & she named him "Louie"
Lynx Bicolor Ragdoll SOLD  8-17-18 to
Shelly & Jack Savoy of Eunice La
Melissa Simoneaux of Gonzales, La
got a female Silver Ragamuffin 7-23-18
Here are "Jasper" & "Matcha" with
their manes starting to grow 8-2018
Mary, Lillie & Hattie Lawson came from Shreveport, La. to get a
Silver Ragamuffin 7-16-18
Steven Maniscalco of Plaquemine,
La came 8-17-18 for a Ragamuffin
SOLD 8-28-18 to Mary Marlene of Duson La.
Seal Mitted Ragdoll male of "Punkin Pie"  & "Big Foot"
born 5-19-2018  
#3  Bicolor Male  $700
$1700 SOLD 9-28-18 to
Atlanta GA family
SOLD 9-7-18 to Dinah Ford of
Shreveport, Louisiana
Sally Robicheaux of Youngsville, La came 7-23-2018 for a Chocolate Bicolor
Ragdoll male they named "Sebastian" & here he is a month later in his new home.
SOLD 9-15-18 to Leslie
Lothschuetz Metarie, La
Blue Mitted $1300
Ivy Walding of St. Amant Louisiana came 8-12-18
for a Ragdoll she named "RORY ADAMS"
SOLD 9-17-18 to Mike & Crystal
Castille of Duson Louisiana
#5  Seal Point  $900
#8  Seal Mitted  $1100
#9  Seal Mitted  $1100
Ragdolls of "Doodle Bug" & "Cat Man Do"  born 8-4-2018          
Nicole Currie
Sellers got a Blue
Point Mitted
Ragdoll born
from Cats By
Francy & named
her "Navey Blue"
SOLD 9-29-10 Lacy's Lynx Bicolor  
to Monica Alleman of Lafayette
SOLD 9-29-18 to Yifan Wu of
Baton Rouge, La.
Seal Bicolor female  $1600
#14 Seal Mitted female $1300
#13  Seal Mitted male $1300
SOLD 10-5-18 to Amanda
Winfield of Shreveport La.

146 Fallbrook Ave.; Lafayette, La 70506
(Call or text: 337-230-3150)
(In Holden Heights off Bertrand Dr. by Drug Emporium
& Cajun Field; 3rd block behind Deano's Pizza)
e-mail: Francy@cox.net

Since 1978 Cats by Francy has been a beautiful & comfortable Breeding Facility
for Persians, Himalayans & Ragdolls.  In 2010 we began breeding
Ragdolls and Ragamuffins   (Persians bred to Ragdolls).   They are playful yet
gentle & quiet natured.  They run & play freely in their 10' x 15' Luxury Furnished Patios
& our nursing females have Private 6'x3'x2.5' tiled Condominiums with all the
Kitty aminities: beds, shelves, carpets, toys, the best food & lots of love.

Our kittens receive $400 WORTH OF MEDICAL WORK:  [2 (3-in1) series
of Respiratory Vaccinations, Wormings, Claws Clipped, Advantage Flea Prevention & Bath
monthly] They are well socialized & trained. All come with: Parents Registration Numbers, DNA
Negative for Disease papers & Champion Pedigrees, (worth $300), a Vaccination Record & a
Written Guaranty.


RAGDOLLS: Playful, Floppy, always Blue-eyed & easy to groom [10-30 lbs]  
RAGAMUFFINS: Quiet, Long-Haired & loves gentle brushing [4-15 lbs]
(Specializing in Chinchillas, Silvers, Smokes & Blacks)
HIMALAYANS are Persians with the Color Pattern of Siamese.
(Seal Point, Blue Point, Flame or Red Point, Tortie Pt, Lynx Pt. & Lilac Point)

A $300 deposit may be made through www.PayPal.com to secure
your kitty but please call us first to make sure it is still available.  
If kitten is 3 months or older you have 2 weeks
to pick up your kitty or your deposit is forfeited.

Our Written Guaranty is as follows:
Kittens may be returned for a full refund of the purchase
price only when accompanied by a Veterinarian's statement of kitten’s having
a critical disease or defect, not caused by the buyer,  within 72 hours
of the sale.   All of the kitten's papers including Registration papers must be
returned in  perfect condition without new owner's name, or markings at all.
Any finding, after the first 72 hours, including defects  that may be genetic,
diseases contracted at new owner’s home or at Vet’s Office,
airborne or by contact, or diseases the kitten may have been carrying, allergic
reactions of  kitty or it's human contacts or for any other reason, does not qualify for a
refund.  If kitty cannot be kept for some reason, Cats By Francy may give you back 1/2 the
purchase price, but is not under obligation to do so.  The undersigned new owner agrees
to the contract & assumes full  responsibility for the kitten from the time of the sale & any
expenses it may cause or incur, such as vet visits, tests, medicines etc. &
buyer agrees to love & take very good care of their new kitten.  
"Big Foot"
is our Seal Point  Mitted Ragdoll Stud.
Ragdolls of Bayou Baby & Snuggle born 7-20-2018
Seal Mitted  

1 Ragamuffin
born to
"Cinderella" &
"Cat Man Do"
on 9-11-2018.  
A $500 deposit
will hold her
until her
adoption date in
Nov.  2018
SOLD 10-17-18 to Brandt
Solar of Gonzolas, La.
SOLD 10-17-18 to Ryan
Solar of Gonzolas, La.
SOLD 10-17-18 to Amy Solar of
Gonzolas, La.
Ragdolls of Snickers & Big Foot 7-28-2018
#10  Seal Mitted $1100
Blue Mitted  
#4 Seal Bicolor  $800
#12  Seal Point  $1200
Female Ragdolls of "Twinky Too" & "Big Foot" born 8-23-2018
#21 Seal Mitted female  $1800
#23 Seal Mitted female $1800
#22 Seal Bicolor female  $1800
1 female Ragdoll born to
"Tweety"  & "Raggedy"
#1 Seal Mitted female   
& "Raggedy
SOLD 10-16-18 to Ramona
Bowlin of Frankinton, La.
SOLD 10-17-18 to Amanda
Wheeler of DeQuincy, La.
SOLD 10-19-18 to Diane Glover of
New Iberia La.
SOLD 10-21-18
to   David & Lesa Soileau of Houma
Ragdolls of Lacy & Snuggle born 7-1-2018
Ragdoll males of "Lola" & "Raggedy"   
born 9-6-18 $1900   
5   Ragdolls of "Lucy" & "Big Foot"   born 9-1-2018     
#19 Seal female  $1700
#18 Seal BiLynx female $1700
#20 Seal BiLynx female $1700
#21  Seal Mitted male $1600
#22  Seal Mitted male $1600
Daniel & Jennifer
Howes of
Mandeville, La.
Ragdoll boy "Grumpy Cat" of "Frosty"  
& "Raggedy Andy"  born 6-15-2018  
#23 & #24 males $1800 each
SOLD  10-29-18 to
Jennifer Peterson of
Jennings, La
SOLD 10-29-18 to
Kelly Bettencourt of Mandeville, La
SOLD 10-22-18
to Lauren Owens
of Albany La.
SOLD 11-2-18 to Suzanne Simoneaux
of New Roads, La
SOLD 11-2-18 to
DeJon Paris of Harvey, La
Female Ragdolls of "Twinky Too" & "Big Foot" born 8-23-2018
#15 Seal Mitted female  $1500
#17 Seal Mitted female $1500
#16 Seal Bicolor female  $1500
SOLD 11-3-18 to Tricia Littell of
Houston Texas
SOLD 11-3-18 to Tricia Littell of Houston
Female Ragdolls of Lana & Raggedy Born 8-1-2018
#11 Seal Bicolor Lynx  $1200
SOLD 11-7-18 to Cody Boulet of
Lafayette, La.

Strawberry & Raggedy Andy's  
Ragamuffins born 10-12-2018  $1800
1. Male Red Pt
2. Female Bicolor Tortie
3. Female Bicolor Tortie Pt

Katy Anna & Shnuggle  10-13-2018
4 Ragdoll kittens
1. F Blue Mitted
2. F Seal Mit w/splash
3.  M. Seal Mitted
4.  M. Seal Mitted

Skyler & Big Foot 10-14-2018 (4)

Frosty & Raggedy have 1 Ragdoll born
10-24 & it is a female

Lulu & Shnuggle have 6 Ragdolls born
on 10-28-2018

Beauty & Big Foot have 3 Ragamuffins
born 11-7-2018  $2000 each
1. Solid Black male
2. Brown Golden female
3. Brown Golden female
SOLD 11-8-18 to Brittany Sugden
of Dallas Texas