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Hayden Brandhurst & Kate Bailey of Shreveport, La. got
a Seal Point Mitted female Ragdoll 5-5-17
Lorraine Miller of Marrero,La got
Ragdoll "Prince Charmin" 5-7-17
Amber Lopez with
Francy's Brown Tabby
Persian kitten April 2017
Judy & Ira Pennison from Westwego, La came on
6-23-2017 to adopt our Seal Mitted Ragdoll
Steven Broussard, Jessica (Genesis Hosp. in Breaux Bridge) &
daughter Madi got our Brown Persian kitten 6-19-2017
Foster Phillips & Ethan Bradley of
Ruston La got a Ragdoll "Cleo" 5-3-17
Jessica Smith with her sister got a Ragdoll
for her kids Evelyn & Owen  4-11-17
Kisha Killmer, a disabled veteran in Metarie La adopted a Ragamuffin she named
"Zatarain" & her friend from Lafayette, Davida Pitts, brought it to her  5-12-2017
Med Tech William Zaunbrecher, his wife Becky & girls
Madison & Alayna of Vinton La. have an amazing skill of
Horse barrel racing & they got a Ragdoll from us 6-24-17.
Lisa Leopard of Pineville La came
on 6-30-2017 for a Lynx Ragdoll
kitten she named "Isabella Rose"
Jamie Burnett came from New Orleans 7-8-17 & adopted
2 Ragdoll Seal Point siblings of our female "Skyler"
2017 & 2018 kitties adopted by families below     (For previous years see Gallery)                  2017 kittens adopted by families below            (For previous years see Gallery)                                      2017 kittens adopted by families below                        (For previous years see Gallery)
Lisa Willmeyer & her dad Luigi Gagliano came from Baton
Rouge for Punkin's Seal Bicolor female 8-5-2017
Michelle Parker of Jennings
came 8-11-17 for a Seal Mitted
Male & came back 3 weeks later
for another one >
Michelle & Nicholas Parker of Jennings got
our Seal Bicolor male Ragdoll on 8-31-2017
Dina Brach's family of Baton Rouge got our
Seal Bicolor Ragdoll female on 8-22-2017
Seal Point Ragdoll "Felicie" SOLD 9-4-17 to Tim, Sharie,
Timmy & Daulton Begnaud family of Youngsville
Darryl & Natalie Monroe of Alexandria La came 9-7-17 for
our clown face Ragdoll they named  "Callie'
White Persian female SOLD 1-1-2017 to Maddie
Stevens of Belle Chase La.
Sara Wrobel & Matt Hay of New Orleans  
named their Male Ragdoll Sterling 8-30-2017
Jessica & Laurentino Estrada came from Baton Rouge
9-22-2017 for a Seal Mitted Male
Randal & Alice Daniel of Baton Rouge, La came
10-4-2017 for a Seal Point Ragdoll female
White Persian
"Snow Angel"
486 Champion Pedigree

CFA #0104-1711962

Born 4-7-2010.  We retired
his wives who were older
than him &  on 11-30-2017
he was adopted & is loved by
Neurosurgeon Dr. Ramy El
Khoury & Anne Marie Van
Meter of Covington, Louisiana
and their girls: Anna Kathryn
&  Amyelle
SOLD Seal Mitted Female "Emmie" to Cameron
& Jana Latuso of Gonzolas La  3-10-17
SOLD 3-10-17 to Will & Kelly Tingle of Valley View Tx.
Their 2 Ragdolls both have a goatee like Will.
SOLD Blue Point Mitted Female 2-20-17 to Ray, Wendy, Zane, Jude &
Tess Schenk of Missouri City,  Tx
Jana Latuso of Gonzolas Louisiana  
at home with her Seal Mitted
Ragdoll female "Emmie" 3-10
Jessica Smith of Lafayette Louisiana got a
Ragdoll Seal Mitted for Evelyn & Owen 4-11-17
John Shilling of the "Sugar Shack" in
Franklinton La. came 5-10-17 for a Ragdoll
Adopted by Dr. Rae
Smith-Peart of New
Orleans 5-28-2017
The Charlie Miller family of Madisonville La got a Seal
Mitted Ragdoll from us on 4-22-2017
Ragamuffin Seal Lynx & Seal Point  Mitted males
of "Lilly" & "Big Foot" born 2-25-2017
Drs. Roger & Jenny Grimball of Sulphur La.
with Jasper, Camille & mom Mary Ann Nocilla
got a Ragdoll kitten on 3-13-2017
Nurse Melanie Nix of Slidell, La got
Ragdolls "Zelda" & "Link" 4-24-2017
Retired Registered Nurse  Gwendolyn Thibodeaux came with her husband, Milton & grandson Reese of Gray La. for
Blueberry 12-23-16 (Blue Mitted Ragdoll) & came back for Boudic (Lynx) 4-17
WHITE & SILVER Persians SOLD 3-24-2017 to >
Sheriff Deputy Joshua & Jenniffer Manuel of
Oakdale Louisiana.
Officer Josh Manuel with his
baby  Persians "Piper" &
Ragdolls SOLD 2-24-2017 to nurse Michelle Sanchez & her mom
Shirley Gaspard (policewoman) of White Castle, La. they named "Bella" & Ray Ray"
pics 8-2017
Photographer Diana Trosclair & her son Tristin of Patterson,
Louisiana got a Blue Point Ragdoll on 7-3-17 they named "Mia".
Sold 8-21-2017 to Claire Letson of
Baton Rouge with her Seal Point male
Brian & Shu Cader of Jena Louisiana & her mama Phyllis Stevenson came
on 10-27-17 for a Ragamuffin Brown Tabby female of Big Foot & Beauty
Ragamuffin of Beauty &  Big Foot  born 8-5-17; Ready 10-27-17  
4 wks
7 wks
Nurse Renee Schuller, wife of Pulmonary Dr. came from
Slidell, La 11-3-17 for our Seal Mitted Ragdoll
Male Silver Ragamuffins SOLD to Paulette Fishback of Lafayette La.  She came every week
to play with them until they were old enough to leave their mama on 11-2-2017
Lisa Johnson & her family visited us & chose a baby
Seal Point Ragamuffin female who will be ready 12-17.
Lisa Johnson & her family visited us & chose a baby
Seal Point Ragamuffin female who will be ready 12-17.
Sebrina Alivernini of Lumberton TX
came 3-17 for a Seal Mitted Ragdoll
Brandon & Sarah Long from Effie, La. got
our Seal Lynx Ragdoll 3-16-2017
Hayley Haydel & Clarke Broussard of Pineville, La. got a Ragdoll
Seal Bicolor from us on 2-2017   
Brandon & Barrett Bonin of Lafayette, La. adopted their Seal Point
Ragdoll of Tweety Pie on 4-21-2017
John &Shawna Fuselier of Deridder La got a Lynx Ragdoll from us long
ago & another on 3-16-17
Leslie Shadle & her dad of Lafayette came
2-17-17 for a Blue Pt female Ragdoll
Kasie LaFleur & kids of Pine Prairie,
La 4-16-17 got Ragdoll
Minh Nguyen & Ngoc Lin of Baton Rouge, La got
their Lynx Ragdoll they named “Ohmie” on 3-3-17
Ashley Owens of Ruston, La. found a
loving home for her Seal Bicolor Ragdoll
with the Matthew Madden family of
Minden Louisiana  5-27-2017
Jason, Hallie, Lola & Avile LeBlanc of Milton La got
Frosty's Seal Mitted Male Ragdoll 7-16-2017
Erica & Thalia Chow of Houston, Tx came 7-14-2017
for our Blue Point Male Ragdoll
3-10-17 Nick & Dorothy Finley came from
SanAntonioTx for Sparkles Seal Point Ragdoll
Brian, Melissa & Chloe Murphy of Harvey La  got one of our Seal
Bicolor Ragdoll Males on 3-10-2017
Seal Point male Ragdoll SOLD 2-17-17 to Harold & Mika
Bilich of Lafayette, Louisiana
4-21-2017 Melissa, Anna, Eden & Heidi Walton came from Pride
La w/her mom for Tweety Pie's male Seal Mitted w/Splash
Erik Munos, his wife Mirthia & girls Jaide & Hailey of Lafayette got our
White Persian female kitten on 5-14-17
Abigail Isbell came from Baton Rouge, La. with her mom for
our Black & White Ragamuffin on 5-8-17
Shannon Cobb of Youngsville,La got
Katy Anna's Ragdoll on  5-7-17
Ronda Rosevear's daughter
Rylie with her baby Brown
Persian  "Jerzy" from Cats by
Francy 2-10-2017
Lexi Guerra & her mom Jennifer came from St. Bernard Louisiana
for a Blue Pt female Ragdoll "Kendall" 7-10-17
Kristen Champagne of Thibodaux, La got
our Seal Mitted Ragdoll 7-20-2017
Ragdoll "Bandit Beignet Barkerding" SOLD 1-6-17 to Amy
Barkerding for  Landry, Brooks & Bear of Covington, La.
Gene & Gail Lemoine of Metarie got our Ragdoll
Seal Mitted Male "Beau" 3-17-17
SOLD Blue Point Mitted female 3-6-17 to Jewel
Higgins & Dason of Jeanerette, La.
Shawna, Brice & Ethan Maxey of Sulphur,
La. got a Seal Bi Ragdoll 4-1-17
SOLD 4-8-2017 our Seal Bicolor Ragdoll to Shannon & Madison
Cobb of Youngsville; Owner of  "Apropos Salon"
Atty. Ron Weems & his wife Rose of Shreveport got their
Clown Faced Ragdoll  "Bentley on  3-31-17
Nurse Heather Dominick came from Hammond La &
got 2 Ragdoll kittens for her family. They're holding
their kitten's grandpa Raggedy Andy during their tour.
Chemists Jason & Zorabel LeJeune came from Baton
Rouge 8-12-17 for our Blue Bicolor Ragdoll
Donovan & Courtney James of Gloster Louisiana & their 3 boys: Caedon, Caelob & Cohen
came for 1 Ragdoll but fell in love with another so they went home with 2 Ragdolls on 8-11-2017
Brandy, Andrew & Hudson Price of Lake
Charles, La got a Seal Mitted Ragdoll  8-14-17
Pharmacist Lacey & Beau Baudoin & kids Isabel & Wes of
Raceland La got their Ragdoll Milo on 6-23-2017
Whitney Guerrero Keahey with her mom came from
Columbia La for their Blue Mitted Ragdoll on 6-24-2017
Jan Hursey of New Orleans La came on 7-22 for a Seal
Bicolor Ragdoll she named "Eugenie"
Eric, Blanche, Sidney & Abbe Vidrine of Sulphur La. got a
Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll 7-22-2017
Hairdresser Nicole Sellers & her Mom Nell Jean Currie of Sulphur, La
got a Blue Mitted Ragdoll 7-3-17 "Navey Blue"
Rusty & Chloe Miller of Vicksburg Miss.
came 7-27-2017 for a BlueBicolor Ragdoll
Henry William Sanicola MD came from Metarie Louisiana
7-31-2017 for a Seal Mitted Ragdoll Male
Elizabeth Greenbaum of Kenner got our Ragdoll
Seal Mitted male on 8-12-2017
Shanna Wall came 8-14-17with her family from Turkey Creek
La to get a Seal Mitted Ragdoll they named "Shai Shai"
8-30-17 "Pet Smart" Groomer Anne
Ewing of Youngsville got our
spayed Himalayan "Blue Eyes"
9-9-17 her husband Chase Manuel came
back for a Ragdoll Blue Bicolor & now the
kitties are best friends
Anne Talbot came with her daughter Sara &
Ella & Jack on 9-15-17 from Lafayette for a
Ragdoll they named "Cocoa Bean Talbot"
Alexis & Brett Sanborn came from New Orleans 9-16-17
for a Ragdoll Kitten & they came back for her brother on
9-19-2017 & named them "Coco" & "Cafe'".
Cory & Lauren Jones on 9-11-17 of
Prairieville, La got a Ragdoll Bicolor
Nicole Rosetti of Biloxi MS got our White Persian
female & named her "Truvy"  9-29-2017
11-4-17 Scientist Austin Abessinio of Jackson
Mississippi got his favorite Ragdoll Seal Point Mitted
11-5-17 Jeff Terreo of Houston Tx got
our Blue Bicolor Ragdoll
On 11-6-2017 Rowland & Charlene Kimbrough of
Baton Rouge got our Ragamuffin Mitted Lynx Male
Elisa Reeves of Texas got a baby Ragdoll Seal Mitted
from us a few years ago came back Oct. 13th  for a
Ragamuffin playmate for her & her family.
Damon, Sheryl & Lumin Jones came from Garrison
Texas 10-15-2017 for a Red Point Ragamuffin male.
On 11-3-17 my friends Paul & April Wood came from Baton
Rouge, La for their favorite Ragdoll they named "ASA"
Chris, Lauren, London & Kaia Boutte of Maurice La.
put deposits on 2 baby Ragdolls 3-3-2017
Same Ragdolls 4 weeks later, when 12 wks old !   
The Boutte's of Maurice, La.  named them Vivienne &
Jesse!  See how their color darkened !
Ragdolls sold March 2017 to Chris, Lauren,
London & Kaia Boutte of Maurice Louisiana
Cai Zhi Hao & Jin Yan of Clinton MS got a
Seal Bicolor Ragdoll on 12-22-2017
Our Himalayan Persian "Lolly Lynx" born 3-13-2008
was adopted 12-23-17 by Taylor Olivier of Church Point La.
Daniel, Jess, Cicily, Stevie & Gaven Flores of Georgia came
11-24-17 to get our Blue Mitted Male Ragdoll for their family
Brandi Randol of Lafayette came
with her girls Grace & Lilly for a
Blue Bicolor Ragdoll 11-18-17
Shantele Thomas came with Trever Benoit from Morgan
City on 11-19-17 for a Seal Bicolor Ragdoll "Thalia"
Our Brown Tabby Persian "Goldilocks" is loved
by Josh Rathburn of Houston  since 11-28-2017
Tina Marie Santolucito of New Orleans got our Black Ragamuffin on 11-26-17 to add to
their happy family of Ragdolls they named: Choco, Houdini & Bacco.
Conrad & Kylie Kinch of Shreveport, La came
12-2-17 for Punkin Pie's Seal Point Ragdoll male
Brad & Kayla Kontra of Zachery, La. came  
12-2-17 for our Himalayan Persian "Lilly Lynx"
LeJeune, a Lafayette Sheriff came 12-9-17 with his
wife Shavonda & their girls Journey & Trinity
Martin for a Seal Point Ragdoll.
Helen Prett and Ryan Carter came from Baton
Rouge for a Seal Bicolor Ragdoll on 12-9-2017
Jamie Figueiredo of Lafayette got
our Seal Mitted female teenager
Ragdoll "NOEL"  12-18-2017
Yumna Abbas & Nazish Kahn of
Lafayette, La. got one of our
White Persian kittens on 12-11-17
Atty. George & Margaux Vourvoulais came from New
Orleans LA 12-28-17 but traded her for our Red Point
male Ragdoll "Ryan the Lion" a few days later >
Nicole, Elmo & Landon Dickerson-Cormier of Youngsville got a Seal Pt
Ragdoll they named "Roux" on 12-22-17
Lisa & Karlee Johnson of Walker La came
12-23-2017 for our Ragamuffin female Khloe.
Bridgett Sparks of Florien Louisiana got a Blue Mitted
Ragdoll from us on 12-20-17 & named her "Sophie".  Here
she is sleeping with her granddaughter a few days later.
Anne Marie Van Meter & Amyelle came 1-5-18 from
Covington, La for our White Persian kitten.  Anne
adopted our stud "Snow Angel" on 11-30-17 & named
him "Baby". He's happy his son "Louie" is with him.
Nathan & Ann Grizzaffi-Jones of Baton Rouge
La got a Ragdoll they named Grace 1-1-18
Aaron Byrd came 1-5-18 from Belle
Chase, La for a Ragdoll Seal Mitted
female for his family
Celeste Benoit came with her son
Bryson from Thibodaux La on 1-5-2018
for a Ragdoll
Ben & Natalie Coale came with their twins from
Mobile Alabama 1-12-2018
for Lana's Lynx Ragdoll
Jodi Benoit of Lafayette came on
1-12-18 for our Lynx Bicolor
Ragdoll she named "Lucky Bynx"
John Beyer of New Orleans got
our Blue Point Ragdoll 1-12-18
Wes & Regenia Forman of Clinton La. came 1-7-2018
for a Ragdoll teenager female they named Reese
1-19-18 Allison Duke of
Houma La got "Daisy"
Brian, Rhea Kathryn Kasen & Kellan  Adams
of Carriere MS got a Bicolor Ragdoll 1-27-18
Liz & Hunter Boyer of Lafayette, La
got our Seal Lynx female Ragdoll
1-25-18 & named her "Mazoo Tiger"
Rachel, Cole, Kaci, Liam, Blaire Brooklyn & Olivia
Babin of Amant, La got our Red Point Ragamuffin male
on 1-15-2018
Myra Varnado came 1-19-18 with daughter Emily from
Roseland,La for Ragdoll "Ellie" for her twin Hillary
Dr. Vickie Cruse with Jordan & McKenzie came
2-2-18 from Theodore Alabama for their 2 Ragdolls
Aeliya, Syed & Wahaj of New Orleans, La. got a
Ragdoll on 2-5-18 they named "Kitty Berry"
Ryan, Kelly, Lola, Luca & Talyn Turlich of Belle Chase
came 2-12-18 for Ragdolls they named Mattias & Malikai
Julie Lumpkin of Cypress, Tx came with Maureen,
Eva & Audrey for 1 Ragamuffin & 1 Ragdoll 2-16-18
Dillard Drake of Austin Texas came
2-19-18 for a Ragdoll he named "Daisy"
Doyle, Heather, Jacey & Ellasyn Hoffpauir of
Kinder Louisiana came 2-23-18 for a Ragdoll
Liz, Jordan & Jewel Cabello of Westminster Colorado
got a White Ragamuffin Petunia Lilly & Ragdoll Jazzie
Skye 3-5-2018 & flew back 5-28 for a Seal Point
Arliss, Christina & Abby McClendon
of Denham Springs La named our
Tortie Ragamuffin CiCi on 1-20-2018
Kerry Friestad of Shreveport La.
came 2-5-2018 for her Ragdoll
boy & named him "Jasper."
Emily Varnado & Landry Graves of River
Ridge got Coochie's Ragdoll on 2-9-18  
Timothy, Eva & Emma Green of Broussard La.
got our Seal Bicolor Ragdoll 2-9-2018
Daniel & Mallory Hutchinson of Broussard
La got a Ragdoll for Noah & Juliet 2-9-18.
Jennifer Seeling & Howard Wu of Metarie,
Louisiana came 2-9-18 for a Lynx Ragdoll
Rob & Liz Sanders of Covington
1-30-18 for a  Ragdoll
Allyson Williams & her family of Youngsville
2-16-18 came to get our Teen Ragdoll "NOLA"
Nurse Sue Parker & Adelise of
Jefferson La got a Ragdoll 2-16-18
Ragamuffin sold to Trina Martin of
Denham Springs on  3-26-2018
Paula, Cameron & Kendall Mire came from
Crowley La for their Ragdoll  on 3-2-18
Shane & Jen Johnson came from Geismar La for
a Ragdoll  Kitten on 3-2-2018
Kyle, Krystle, Madison & Trinity Haase of Denham
Springs La got Punkin's Ragdoll 3-9-18
2017 kitties adopted by families below     (For previous years see Gallery)                  2017 kittens adopted by families below            (For previous years see Gallery)                                      2017 kittens adopted by families below                        (For previous years see Gallery)
Mary Lailhengue of Lafayette got
a Ragdoll 3-5-2018 "ZuZu"
Liz Gardebled of Metarie La came 3-23-18 & got
"Trixie" for her family & their Ragdoll "Buddy"
Melinda Hardison of Denham Springs
got a Ragdoll "Bruin" 3-16-18
Eugene Romine of Shreveport, La.
came 3-22-18 for a Ragdoll "Dolly"
Davin, Christina, Madison &
Mileena Sanchez of Luling La got
Ragdoll "Rocket" 3-18-18
Wahaj & Aeliya Syed came from New Orleans for their 2nd Ragdoll they
named "Tiger" on 4-2-2018
Lisa Collins of Arnaudville, La
came 3-23-18 for a Teen Ragdoll
Angela Leger came from Vidor Texas for a
Blue Mitted Ragdoll "Luna" on 3-14-18
Eugenie Uhl, photographer of New Orleans, La  got
Doodles teenage Ragdoll male "Pierre" 4-23-18   
James & Lorey Delap of River Ridge,
La got Ragdoll "Morpheus" 3-16-18
Preston & Cale'e Seckman of Breaux Bridge,
La came 4-27-18 for our Lynx Ragdoll
Beth & Ben & Collin Prince came from New Iberia,
La to get one of our teenage Ragdolls on 4-28-18
Tara Lucette & her family of Lafayette La came on 4-6-18 for our Smoke Ragamuffin kitten & it is
clear that Jordan has a new best friend.
Jess, Amber & Jace Garcia of Beaumont TX got a
Blue Mitted Ragdoll they named "Little Foot" 3-30-18
Kelley Miller came from Mandeville, La 4-6-18 for 2 teenage
Ragdolls they named Chelsea & Dolce; now best friends!
John Schilling with his daughter from
Franklinton La got a Ragdoll on 4-23-18
Lourdes Nurse Ilissa Yocupicio with kids Jordan, Adrian,
Gabriel & Dylan of Youngsville, La got a Ragdoll 4-6-18
Eathon Bradley & Foster Phillips of New Orleans, La with Seal Mitted
"Cleocatra" from Francy got another Ragdoll 4-22-18 they named "Apollo"
Herb & Carol Farley & their son & grandson came
from Monroe La on 4-27-18 for their Ragdoll teenager
Haley Dufour & her parents of Lafayette, La came
4-26-2018 for a teen Ragdoll they named "Frodo"
Dani came with her Daddy
Forrest Harrison from Orange,
TX for Ragdoll "Elio" 4-28-18
Cindy Moore of Dallas Texas came
3-23-18 to get a Ragamuffin male
kitten they named "Link".  He is
now best friends with their Golden
Doodle, "Buddy"