TEXT or CALL 337-230-3150  FOR APPT. for a FREE TOUR
Lafayette Policeman
with his Persians
Himalayans &
Persians since
1978, Ragdolls
since 2004 &
Ragamuffins since
Please come visit &  tour our beautiful "Cats
By Francy" Kitty Kindergarten &
5 Marriage Patios we call "Kitty City".

146 Fallbrook Ave.
Lafayette, La. 70506
Cell:     337-230-3150
Home:  337-233-0024

We do volunteer work several days a week
so please text or call us 1st to make sure we
are home & have time to visit.
If you would like to have a Free Home Bible
study, please request one from us or apply
at www.JW.org

Proverbs 12:10-
"The righteous one is kind to animals."

Only a Licensed Veterinarian can give medical advice but we can tell you what has worked for us over the years:

1. WE FEED HIGH QUALITY FOOD as Science Diet & Iams because good nutrition is vital for good health.   A little canned food or
table scraps cut small & placed in a treat dish, on your lap, in your recliner, every evening, will teach your kitty that your lap is a
very nice place to be.  We never clip nails or give medicine or pull out a mat on our laps.  The hands are for petting & not for
grabbing kittys tummy to make them bite.  That may look cute when they are little, but when they grow up, they will jump to bite
your hands while you are on the computer etc & will make you hate them & it's your fault.    Play with them with dangley toys &
laser lights, but not with your hands!   Hands are for loving & gently stroking & scratching places they can't reach.

2. WE WORM OUR CATS MONTHLY and our kittens we worm at 6 weeks of age and every 2 weeks until 6 months old &
then monthly.  We use Strongid Wormer, proportionate mgs to their weight, mixed into their favorite canned food.

3. IF DIARRHEA OCCURS & they are wormed already, something else is wrong.  We use an over the counter anti-diarrheal pill to  
stop fluid loss immediately then we start kittys on Albon for Coccodia for 10 days (from a Vet.)   While on Albon we give a Tsp. of
cottage cheese or vanilla yogurt a few times a day to restore the natural flora in the intestines.  If Albon doesn't stop the
diarrhea within 2 days we suspect Giardia so we treat with Metroconidizole (6-11 mg/lb every 12 hours, for 5 days, from a Vet).
If we treat for Worms, Coccidia and Giardia and still there is diarrhea, then possibly food is the problem, but in our case,
the food has
never been the problem. Sometimes NO Worms, Coccodia or Giardia were manifest in the stool sample but
treating them anyway stopped the diarrhea, so one of them was the cause, but was not seen in the stool sample.

4. WE GROOM OUR CATS WEEKLY & BATHE THEM MONTHLY, Kittens twice/month.  We prepare warm water in the kitchen sink &
add 3 capfulls of bleach/gallon of water; then we put the kitty on the counter and clip its claws, 10 in the front, 8 in the back. We
comb them to remove any mats, dip the kitty gently into the water stroking them gently to coat their entire body.  Then we place
the kitty on a towel on the counter & pour a warm soap mixture over the kitty (made of Head & Shoulders Shampoo or Dawn &
warm water).  We massage them for 5 minutes, then rinse them well, towel dry them for 1 minute, change towels & then continue
massaging and combing them.  If we decide to blow dry we carefully start the dryer a few feet away &
gradually bring it toward the kitty while talking softly & gently massaging them.
Bathing them helps them feel good, prevents skin problems & kills some parasites.

5. WE USE EAR MITE MEDICINE and FLEA PREVENTION MONTHLY. After bath, drying & brushing we put the kitty on the counter
and put a few drops of ear mite medicine in one ear canal and massage 5 seconds. Then we place the kitty on the table and put
ear mite medicine in the other ear canal, massage 5 seconds; then put Advantage Flea Prevention (according to their weight)
on the kittys back between the shoulder blades.  (CAUTION:  EAR MITE MEDS, ADVANTAGE II & REVOLUTION CAN CAUSE AN

6. TO KEEP KITTY OFF OF THE TABLE AND COUNTER: We simply do things the kitty must have done (like #5 above) in places that
we do not want them to go. They must be ear mited, get flea prevention, have their claws clipped and hair mats removed, which
things they don't enjoy, so we put them on the table & the counter to do these tasks. We never do things they hate on our lap!  
We don't let them jump down from high places like the counter or table so they don't injure their backs, sprain ankles or injure
their internal organs which can cause Peritonitis.

7. IF KITTY QUITS USING THE LITTER PAN OR MISSES THE PAN: If the kitty is 1 year old and not yet neutered they may be missing
the pan on purpose to attract a mate with their smell.  Please do not scold them.  They will not understand but think you hate
them! They are not being bad or getting back at you!   Please just get them neutered!  Older males strong urine smell takes a
month or 2 to disappear, after they are neutered.  Don't be mad at them because it's your fault.

a. Litter may not be clean enough or our dirty clothes stink & the kitty thinks, "Oh this is where they want me to potty!"
b. Using a new litter or one of poor quality may hurt kitty's little tender feet.
c. If we moved the litter pan & forgot to put the kitty in it, they can't find it.
d. If there is insufficient lighting our kittys won't step where they can't see what they are stepping on.
e. If the litter is closer than 6 ft from kitty's food (kitty won't potty near it's food because it smells up the area.)
f.  If we changed homes or someone comes to live with us, our kitty may be scared so needs consoling.  Daily gentle petting &
brushing, a fresh catnip capsule from the Herb Store sprinkled onto their favorite canned food, or plug-in Enzymes helped us.
g. If kitty is not wormed monthly & has runny stools it can be difficult to get to the pan in time (see #2)
h. Kitty may have Coccodia or Giardia since it licks it's feet and ingests what we bring into the home on our shoes;
unless we are Oriental and remove our shoes at the door.
i. If we have a new baby or a new pet or a relative is visiting, our kitty may be scared of the newcomer & mark territory to try to
run them out.   We provide an extra litter pan in a less trafficked area (like a closet) & give them extra attention, food & love.

Kittys need comfort, love, lots of our time & never scolding.  The result is that our kittys will love us for many years.

PROVERBS 12:8 says, "The righteous one is caring for the soul of his domestic animal."

Keep in close touch with your Veterinarian because they love your pet too.

"Ragdolls" are like Maine Coons

Baby Ragdolls are always born white &
develop color later.

"Public Service"
Cats or Kittens:

Lafayette Animal Shelter
613 W. Pont De Mouton Rd.
M-F  1:00PM - 4:30PM


Adopt a healthy & spayed or neutered
cat or kitten with shots for only $125!
Call Ellen 337-212-2147 or
Angela 337-394-4818 & 337-442-6150
Also: Vermillion Animal Aid  337-247-2562
New Orleans Attorney Daphne Lancaster got a Silver Persian kitten
4-25-14 of Snow Angel & Cinderella & he is now a companion to her 2
year old Ragdoll  "Rex".
Christina Spence & Wrestler John Bourque "The Beast" adopted
one of  our sweet Black Persian kittens in 2012
Kathy Shaller's Ragdoll kittens from Cats By
Francy at  8 wks, 14 wks, 5 mos & at 1 year.
See the colors of Kathy Shaller's Ragdolls
from Francy (1 year old 2-10-14)  
Jennifer Richard & her children adopted Diva & Snow
Angel's White Persian female in  August 2014

Francy has
baby Tigers
3 months old
only 50 lbs.  
Ready Soon!  
kidding ! LOL!
This picture was
the La.
State Fair
Petting Zoo
in 1990.
Wang Ximing holding Francy's
Himalayan " Mufasa"
Francy's Chinese friends with Kitties
Mary Shannon & her daughter of Morgan City came 9-2-13 for a Blue Point
Himalayan she named Petite Pois
Skyler Poole & his wife of
Bossier City, La. get a Ragdoll
Blue Point Mitted 8-2013
New Orleans
Saint's Dr.
Finney's wife
Gina got her
kitten Feb.
2013. See her
wearing the
Saint's ring  
Attorney Ed Bopp flew from Mass.
8-2014 for our White Blue-eyed
Persian from Diva & Snow
Tommy Matthews of
Franklin got a Ragdoll 4
years ago & came back
Jan. 2014 to get a 2nd
one for his family.
Amber Ricketts family from Beaumont
Texas came 2-2013 to get our beautiful
Black Persian female kitten
Nurse John Marchand came from Pineville, La. with his
family for a free tour & their favorite Ragdoll kitten 1-10-14
Mark August's Ragdoll named "Gunthur" is
enjoying his Red Tabby friend "Camo"
sold to
Cannon of
Seal Point
Mitted Ragdoll
by  Lottie
Silver Creek
Kristi Barron family from Opelousas got
Coochies Ragdoll 10-2012
Connie Mitchell family of Lumberton Tx got a
Seal Point Ragdoll for their family in 2012
Lilac Bi-
to Robert
in Baton
The Woudenbergs of Tennessee & Sawyers & Brandts
from Louisiana, all come March 2, 2013 to get kittens
Seal Bi-color
Ragdoll "Allie"
with her owner
Dufrene in New
Orleans, La  
Sean, Jason & Michelle Becker of Mandeville, La. learning to
bathe & groom their new Ragdoll 3- 2013
Himmy male Seal Point born 2-13-13 to Pinky & Mufasa
now owned by Adrian Vega family of Lafayette 5-2013  
2 Female Mitted Ragdolls of Twinkletoes & Shnuggle born
2-10-13 loved by Kathy, Rick & Ryan Shaller of Madison, Ms
Tommy & Carolyn
Matthews of
Franklin, La. got
their Ragdoll "Sir
Walter Rocky" in
2010 & sent this
pic of him 1-14.
Our friends Melody Nicholas, her mom &
grandchildren came to play with the kittens
Lynx Princess's Females born 2-6-13 Sold to
Pebbles Savoy & Janna Paine of Houston Tx.
Mike & Eileen
of Belle Chase,
La got a Seal
Point Ragdoll
with Blaze
Mia, Aaron, Jack, Piper & Lisa McKinney of Port
Allen, Texas get a kitten for their family 8-2013
Jeanne Darby & her husband from New Orleans got a White Persian who
didn't like their dogs so they came back & traded her for a little Black
Persian on 12-2013.
Brooke Stafford came from Baton
Rouge to get Twinky's Ragdoll Seal
Bi-color boy on 7-9-14.
Tori Guidry came from Baton Rouge La with her
friend Rachel on 11-7-14 & got a Shaded Silver
Persian they named Jolee Blanc.
Kathy Rousseau, a retired nurse & her daughter Allie from
Broussard La. got a Blue Bi-color Ragdoll female 7-15-14
Ashlee Cassity of Lafayette came with her children
& got a Lynx Point Mitted female Ragdoll in Jan. 2014
Our friends Olivia Graham, Charlotte, Elliot &
Lilly Dudoit  playing with the kittens
Lettie Guillory's husband with their
Himalayan from Cats By Francy named
"Penelope"   2013
Nicolas & Rosa Romero Sangster flew here
from Ecuador, South America to adopt our
Himmy of Pinky & Mufasa born 2-13-13.
Yvonne Ledet & her children came  9-2013 to get a Red Point
Ragdoll for their family
Our White Persian of "Snow Angel" is named
"Fancy" & loved by Vickie Peacher in Texas
for her
Lorna Kotara & her husband came
from Covington, La. 9-2-13 to get a
Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll
Bill & Jan Pace of Deridder got a Ragdoll 7-3-14 &
came for a 2nd Ragdoll 8-7-14.
They Breed & Show Pappion dogs too!
Grant Simmering, an Occupational Therapist & his wife Misty,
a College Dean & their boys Brady & Camdyn from Pineville
La. got a Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll kitten 6-6-2014.
Keith Provost of the Greater Galilee Baptist Church of
New Orleans & his wife Marcie get our gorgeous Blue
Point Himalayan on 5-16-14
Frank & Jana Thomas of Abbeville came
8-8-14 for a Seal Bicolor Ragdoll.
Josh, Shekhina, Anna, Michael & Judah
Lewis from Lafayette, La came on 7-24-14
for a Seal  Ragdoll
Mike & Paula Lee come from Arkansas to
get  2 of our Ragdoll kittens Jan. 2014
Marian Gibbs came from River Ridge, La 7-13 to get "Tom
Sawyer", a Lynx Ragdoll.
Lisa & Mary Grace Carline of Morgan City,
La. came in July 2013 to get a baby Blue
Bi-color Ragdoll.
Amanda & Lauren
Andrews of Arkansas
came 7-2013 to get a Seal
Point Mitted Ragdoll for
their family
Karyn Jolley & her husband of Kenner La get a Himmy Seal
Point & a Ragdoll Blue Pt. Bi-color 12-21-13
Autumn Leigh came from Longville, La. to get
our Seal Pt. Himmy kitten 1-2014.
One of our sweet Rescue Kittys "Oreo" 11-24-13
was adopted by the Gremillions of Mississippi
Jeanne Patterson came with her family from Ruston
Louisiana to get Cinderella & Snow Angel's Chinchilla
Silver female kitten on 10-25-14.
Vickey Vicknair Sanchez of Plaquemine,
Louisiana got our Chinchilla Silver Persian
kitten from Lady Blue-Eyes. 10-24-2014
Erica Babineaux chooses one of our Teenager
Ragdolls born to Lolani & Raggedy Andy  12-2-13
Chris, Melissa & Madison Scheffler
get a White Persian March 2013
Angela Serpas Fruge with her
Dad & her new
Ragdoll "Mittens" 3-2013
Holly Gohres & Adam Landry came on 10-21-14 for our Blue
Point Himalayan Persian male of Anna & Mufasa
Shane Estave of Loreauville, La came  
8-4-14 for a Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll
Michael Purcell came 10-22-14
from Rayville, La for a Ragdoll
Don & Terri Price of Baytown Texas got our Seal
Point Mitted Ragdoll kitten 7-13-14
Lynsei Soronen of Elton, La. loved our
teenage Ragdoll Seal Point Mited
Linda Ballero & her family came 10-17-14 to get our
BEWhite Persian Male  of Cinderella & Snow Angel.
Ben & Vicki Sydboten of Lafayette, La got a
Ragdoll from Katy Anna & Shnuggle  11-9-14.
Monica Williams & her
children of Opelousas
La came 11-10-14 to get
a Seal Mitted Ragdoll.
Nov. 22, 2014 Jason & Lynette Hazelton came from Ville
Platte La., Jessica Costanza came from Washington La. &
Danielle Carbonari came from New Orleans, La. for  kittens
Dani Carbonari from New Orleans got a Red Point Ragdoll &
Donald Dieudonne' & his wife from Kenner La. got  2 Ragdoll
kittens 11-22-14.
Teah Woudenberg of Tennessee with her
baby female Ragdoll "Siren" 3-13
Lariah Woudenberg of Tennessee with
her baby female Ragdoll "Siren"
Mollie Jonas of Florida
w/Himalayan Blue Pt "Mishka"
of Pinky & Mufasa 2012
Jason Harrison, Dr. Amanda Perrault, Mike Miller & Lisa
Wainwright take a free tour & pick out kittens 12-21-13
Jordan & Kayla Blanchard famly of Cecelia tour our Kitty Patios &
decided to get a Ragdoll Teenager on 12-2-13 for their family.
Brent, Geni, Caleb & Cameron Williams came from
Maurice, La. 1-26-14 for our Silver Persian "Figero"
Brandi Cline of Port Allen La. brought her 3 children to
play with the kittens on 12-13-13 & chose 2 Ragdolls
Christie Croan of Lafayette got a teenage
Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll  12-20-13
Jan Hursey & her husband from LaPlace, La  got a
Lynx Ragdoll for her Mom 12-21-13
Laura Guagliardo is a Dietician in
Lafayette who adopted a teenage
Ragdoll female on Dec. 6, 2013
Eddie LeJeune got his wife Tonya of
Crowley our Blue Pt Himmy 12-20-13
Terry Stakes came to visit Cats
by Francy.  His mom Karen has
been our employee 17 years.
Delania McGowan from Gonzales La got a
Point Mitted Ragdoll she named Lola.  9-2013
Kerry Daigle adopted a Seal Tortie  
Ragdoll from us 9-2013
Cheryl Bryan & her husband of
Jonesville La. came for a Ragdoll  
9-18-2013 & a 2nd one Oct. 2013
Elizabeth Pirie came with her husband from
Marrero, La to get a baby Ragdoll 9-2013
San, Mirza & Damia Kamal got a Lynx Ragdoll 9-13
Halie Hebert got a little Flame Point Ragdoll of
Lolani & Raggedy Andy on Dec. 4, 2013
Lauren Vizza, Miss Louisiana 2012,
toured Cats By Francy July 2014.
The Chaissons & Allemands of Hammond, La., & the
Clarke family of Denham Springs La. got kittens 9-2014
9-2014 Clint, Kisha, Judith & Sadie Valentine came from New
Iberia for their favorite kitten & the couple on the left came
for a Tour.
Alexis Freeman came from Zachary Louisiana on
11-25-14 with Alaina, Alexis, Tripp & Amelia to get
a sweet Ragdoll kitten for their family.
James Fenstermaker & Liz Baker who live here in
Lafayette got a Seal Bi-color Ragdoll on 11-28-14.
Richard & Shannon Barlow came with their son on Dec.
5, 2014 from Lake Charles, Louisiana to get a Red Point
Ragdoll & a Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll for their family.
Shane & Kristy Dufrene came from
Thibodaux, La. to get a Seal Point Ragdoll
for their twins Kamryn & Tanner & their
cat Sammie on 12-5-2014.
CJ Gustin & Jamie Allison came from Morganza La., Christy Foret &
her daughter from Ville Platte got a Himalayan "Elenor" & Lois Tillman
from Ethel La. got a Seal Ragdoll "Sushi" Dec. 6, 2014.
Rhonda & Callie Benson came
from Baton Rouge to get a Red
Point Ragdoll  12-8-14
Dr. Kimberly Patterson came from New Orleans on 12-12-14 to get our Blue
Point Himalayan she named  "Indigeaux," & she's now friends with her cat
"Brewster." To the right is her adult picture Dr. Patterson sent to us.
Our Circuit Overseer John Lewis & his wife Debby
visited us Jan. 2013 because they too love Ragdolls
Ragdoll male kitten born 12-24-11 to Twinky & Raggedy Andy  "Mustafelez" is now
owned by the Jordens in Hammond Louisiana.  She got another in 2012.
Male Lynx Pt Ragdoll born 1-8-12 loved by Lily & her
mom Emily Morgan a nurse @ Lafayette Gen.Hospital
Sean & Nikki Odom came from Baton Rouge to get
our teenage Black Persian 12-7-2013
Burgess Scott Lewis with his new Seal Point Ragdoll  "Angel Eyes"  11-29-13 &
a pic he sent of her Jan. 2015 when she turned 1 year old
Trina Drago
came from
Metarie La
12-15-14 for a
male Ragdoll
bi-color for her
Aundra Hancock came from Jackson
Alabama with her boys Bryson & Andrew
for a Lynx Point Ragdoll 1-14
Bridget Manuel came from Youngsville La to get our
Blue Point Mitted Male Ragdoll for her family on
Kim Martin & her daughter Jessica Dickey & her children
come from Denham Springs, La. 12-2014 to pick out 3
Ragdolls & 1 Himalayan
Kermit & Schantelle Ortolano come from Bell Chase, La
for their favorite Seal B-color Ragdoll 12-20-2014
Liz & Jeff Falgout come from Houma, Louisiana on
12-22-14 to get a Ragdoll Seal Point Mitted kitten.
Clay Revere of Hammond w Jacob & Jonah got a
Calico Ragdoll for their family 12-20-13
Lisa Carline & her family came from Berwick, La to get their
2nd Ragdoll kitten from us, a baby Red Point male 12-22-14.
Abbeville La. Attorney Gabe Duhon & his wife Tesha
got a Silver Persian male 12-23-14.
Cristine Douet of Breaux Bridge, La
adopted our Seal Point Himalayan  
female born 1-22-14
Kevin Jennings came12-24-14 from Mandeville, La
with his dogs Ripley & Zepher for 2 Ragdolls.
Amber & Jacob Eaves from LeBlanc, La.,  Isabel Naquin from
Gray La & Mike, Jenia, Elias & Jayden Johnson from Slidell
La come 12-26-14 to take a free tour & adopt  kittens.
Jessi & Ella Foreman come from Lake Charles for a
Ragdoll kitten on 12-26-2014
Eric, Vanessa & Emily Grace St.Amant  came from Baton
Rouge, La. on 12-27-14 to get a Ragdoll Seal Bicolor.
Butch & Linda Jordan came from Gulfport Mississippi for a Ragdoll
& Cathy Schlabach came with Brylan Viator from Lafayette to get a
Persian Blue Cream Point 12-29-2014.
Tori Guidry came with Charlotte Voisin & Whitney
from Houma Louisiana on Jan. 2, 2015 to get a White
Persian female kitten & a Seal Bi-color female kitten
Angie Fry & Haley came from Lake Charles on Jan. 2, 2015
for a Ragdoll Seal Point Mitted kitten for Sydnie
Richard Mason, a CNA Tech & his wife Laura, a nurse at
Regional Hospital in Webster, Tx came for 2  teenaged
Ragdolls on Jan. 8, 2015, they named Xena & Sweety Pie.
Sherri Duplantis came w/Marietta from Mandeville, La
1-16-15 for a Ragdoll for her daughter Abby.
Jerry, Michelle, Gabby, Anna & Bailey Bronner of Lafayette La.
came Jan. 3, 2015 for a Seal Bi-color Ragdoll male.
Brinkley & Angie Comeaux from Tullos La
got a Red Point Ragdoll 1-5-2015
Kayla Farmer & her mom Kristi came from Hammond, Louisiana
Jan.18, 2015 to get a sweet Seal Bicolor Ragdoll.
Lillian, Blaire & Kaitlyn Hebert came from New Iberia
Louisiana 1-30-15 for a Lynx Ragdoll female.
John Wester came with Dorene & Elizabeth Wetzel from
Biloxi Mississippi to adopt our spayed mama Ragdoll
"Lolani" on 1-30-15.
Tracy, Carson & Pearce Regard came from Marksville La with
her sister Michelle & her daughter Savannah on 2-5-15 to get
our Silver Chinchilla Persian male kitten of Diva & Snow.
Jaime, Sandra, Koty & Kristian Guillot came from New Iberia
on Feb. 6, 2015 to get their favorite Ragdoll kitten, a Seal Lynx
female they named Mocha.
Chad, Leslie, Leighton, Eyan & Hollis Lockhart came from Lake
Charles on 2-13-2015 for Lolani's Tortie Ragdoll
John & Darlene Navarro came on Feb. 20, 2015
from  McComb Mississippi to adopt "Bootsy" our 6
year old adult Ragdoll
Marlys Nevins came from Breaux Bridge La.  
2-20-15 for our Seal Bicolor female Ragdol of
Lucy & Bigfoot.
Rachel Lemaire & her daughter from
Lafayette with their new Ragdoll Seal
Bicolor 2-21-15
Liz Hebert came from New Iberia, La. on 2-27-15 to
get a friend for her other Ragdoll from
CatsByFrancy, a Lynx named Rosy
Crista Bogle came from Covington La for our Red Point
Ragdoll male kitten on March 2, 2015
Teddi Broderick & her son from Denham Springs
La.  got a Ragdoll kitten 3-6-2015.
Abdulah & Maggie Alaqueel of Westwego La came
3-6-2015 to get a Seal Point Ragdoll for their family.
Admir Isnaeni came from Madisonville
Louisiana on 3-12-2015 to get a Tortie
Ragdoll for his Aunt Ratih from Indonesia.
Yvette Haynes came from Baton Rouge,
Louisiana on 2-28-2015 to get 2 Ragdolls.
Kayla Hicks & her precious Bicolor Ragdoll kitten "Saxton" born 3-2014 who became a gorgeous Ragdoll adult
with a Fleur de Lis on his face.
Angela & Richard Ward came from Prairieville,
Louisiana with their sons Sethen & Deven (pic)
on 3-14-15 & got a gorgeous Tortie Ragdoll.
Lena & Henry Landry came from Donaldsonville on April 4,
2015 to get a Seal Bicolor Ragdoll Kitten.
Mary came with her daughters Cynthia & Alex Hightower & their grandmother from Lafayette Louisiana & chose a
Seal Mitted Ragdoll Female of Frosty & Raggedy Andy.  Jim returned with his daughters to get her on 4-6-2015.
Blair Sellers & Lanie Hoffpauir of Lafayette, La.came
4-8-2015 for a Seal Mitted Ragdoll
Kelli, Koltin & Kaitlin Douglas came from St. Francisville, La April 17,
2015 to get a Blue Mitted Ragdoll kitten they named "Sebastian Bloo
Tracie Courville of Kinder La came with Sabrina, James, Lila & Sofie
for 2 Bicolor Ragdoll male kittens  4-10-15
Trang Do, Toan Nguyen, Leah & Angelica came from Slidell
4-11-15 to get a Ragdoll they named "Lilly Priss"
Lafayette Sheriff Officer Julian Darby & his wife Claire
who worked as a Zookeeper got a Silver Persian
Shelia & Justin Loudermilk came 5-1-15 from Johnson City,
Tennessee for a Seal Mitted Ragdoll
Benjie, Annette, Emily, Caroline & Brook Fielding of
Covington La. came for a Ragdoll on 5-2-15
Nick, Kim, Braden & Owen Shultz came from Mandeville,
Louisiana 4-24-15 to get a Blue Mitted  Ragdoll
Jean Gautreau came from Lafayette & got 2 of Lolly & Mufasa's Seal
Lynx Point male Himalayans on 5-18-15
Alanna Blazio came with some of her children on 6-12-15 to
get a CFA Persian Seal Point female, also called a Himalayan.
Toni Cornett from McKinney Texas
got a Seal Mitted Ragdoll 7-11-15.
Brenda & Norvin Kraemer of Baton Rouge took a free tour &
decided to get a Persian & a Ragdoll kitten on 6-5-15.
Dottie Butler & her
husband from Slidell
Louisiana got a Seal
Mitted Ragdoll  6-20-15.
Robert Gardebled family of Metarie, Louisiana came
6-22-2015 to get a Seal Bicolor Ragdoll male kitten.
Caitlin Robinson came 6-29-15 from Hammond, La for a Blue Point
Himalayan kitten for her boss Mr. Foad Samarah.
Mike & Tannia Fournet of Lafayette, La.
came 7-4-15 to get a Seal Mitted Ragdoll
Eric Shelnut came with his family from Benton Arkansas
on July 10, 2015 to adopt a Lynx Himalayan.
Jordan Picard family of Lafayette, La. came  7-10-15 to
adopt a Seal Bi-color Ragdoll  
July 17, 2015 Robert Penny, Marie, Alexis & Christie came for a Seal
Bi-color female Ragdoll kitten they named "Mimi"
Shavonda Martin came with her husband & daughter
Journey for a Seal Mitted Ragdoll 7-25-15
Shannon, Kaleb, Harrison, Natalie, Easton, Coleman & Braxton Bullock of
Carthage Texas  & Barbara Hollier & Prunie Gayle, nurses from Baton Rouge got
a Ragdoll on 7-27-15
Dawn, Gracie & John Riley Thompson came from
Dauphin Island, Alabama on 7-30-15 for a Himalayan
Brian, Wendy, Gabrielle & Jackson Ortego of
Breaux Bridge La got a Himalayan on 8-3-15
Amber Nicole Colbert, Ramona & Shelly of Morgan
City Louisiana adopted a Persian 8-3-2015
Glen & Yvonne Stokes of New Iberia, Louisiana
adopted our White Blue-eyed Persian on 8-4-2015
Delores Gilmore & her husband
from El Dorado Arkansas got a
Himalayan kitten 8/5/15
Dianne Gafford came on Aug. 5, 2015 from Central
Louisiana for a Seal Mitted Ragdoll
Tracy Moquin came from Spring, Texas
for a Blue Bicolor Ragdoll male for her
15 yr old Himmy "Frisky"
Linda & Roman Curtis came from Youngsville Louisiana on
8-14-2015 to adopt a Seal Point female Ragdoll "Sashe"
Candace Hartley & Jason Ridgley came from Lake
Charles, La for a Silver Persian on 8-14-2015
Anterra Bradley, Collette & Cecily Cormier came from
Opelousas La to adopt a Ragdoll kitten 8-15-2015
Shannon, Lauren, Chace & Brook Corbello came on
8-19-2015 from Iowa, Louisiana for a Silver Persian male.
Lindsey Massey came from Boquechetto, Mississippi on
Sept 3, 2015 to get our Shaded Silver Persian male
Wendel Campbell & his wife Rochelle of Youngsville La & Amy
Brown came from West Monroe La 9-7-215 for Red Point Ragdolls.
Ambre & Chip Scott of Mobile Alabama got 2 Ragdolls  
on 9-11-2015 for themselves, son David & doggie Andy.
Sandra, Chris, Juliane & Vincent Tuminello from
Bossier, Louisiana got their 2nd Ragdoll  9-13-15.
Adreanne Rogers & her sister Trina & daughter
Asia of New Orleans came for a Chinchilla female
Persian 9-21-15
Gail Nelson & her daughter came from Dallas, Texas to adopt
our Lynx Ragdoll female on 9-21-2015.  In a hurry to catch the
plane the kitten wasn't  dry from her bath
Cheryl Broussard from Lafayette, Louisiana came on 9-21-2015
to adopt our precious black persian female kitten.
Angelique & Cohen Benoit came from Erath Louisiana to get our
Silver Persian male kitten on 9-26-2015
Charles, Alicia, Jacob & Christian McDuffie from Youngsville
Louisiana came 10-26-2015 for a Seal Point female Ragdoll.
Pattie Courcier got her Lynx Ragdoll "Newton"  12-14-2013
Torie & Haylie Rudisil from Abbevilla, La came
for a Lynx Ragdoll kitten on 10-5-2015
Dr. Virginia Grimball and Stacy came from
Sulphur Louisiana for a Ragdoll 11-30-15
Josh Meche came from Longview Texas on 12-10-2015 to adopt a
Ragdoll kitten for his wife Karlye & their daughter Aria.
Natalie Chandler of Shreveport La. got  
Coochie Coo's Blue Bi-color Ragdoll 12-12-2015
Chris & Jenny Doxey from Diamondhead Mississippi got their
favorite Ragdoll 12-23-15
Barbara Mazen Guidry & her sons, Alex & Mustafa
came from Lake Charles for their favorite kitten, a
Chinchilla Silver Persian female 1-26-16.
Tiffany Eschete from Bourg LA got our White Persian female 12-23-15 & came back
with her husband Billy on 2-8-2016 to get a Chinchilla female Persian too.
Brandon & Heather Simon came from Saucier
Mississippi 1-30-2016 for a Ragdoll Bi-color kitten.
Becky & Thomas Giroir came on Jan. 20, 2016 for their 2nd
Persian kitten from Snow & Cinderella.  Maxie kissing Lexie.
Attorney Anne Schmidt & her children Eloise, Madison &
Bubba came from Baton Rouge Louisiana 2-8-2016 to get
their favorite Ragdoll kitten, a Blue Mitted male.
Susan Brazelton came from Lake
Charles La on 2-3-2016 to adopt
our Shaded Silver Persian .
Philip, Susan, Joseph & Adalyn Pago from Denham
Springs, Louisiana got a Persian 2-14-16
12 year old Aungelle Griffen came with her
mom Avis from Baton Rouge, La. 2-13-2016
for a White Persian she named "Velvet"
Science Teacher Denise Pouliot of Kenner,
La. got a Seal Point Ragdoll female 2-15-16
Karren & Karrey Schwartz came from Covington,
La 2-8-2016 for a Bi-color Lynx Ragdoll
Patricia Lo & Stuart Strunk of New Orleans La
got a Ragdoll "Cordelia" 3-3-2016
Sebrina Alivernini came from Lumberton Texas to
adopt 2 Persians, Baci & Luca, on 2-22-16.  
Jennifer & Ashton Boudreaux from New Iberia La
came on 3-6-16 for a Seal Bicolor Ragdoll.
Blue Point Mitted male Ragdoll Sold 3-7-2016 to Jordan
Mabile with 2 of her 5 children of Pierre Part, Louisiana
Tyler & Tian Yang Constantin of Baton Rouge, La got our
White Persian male born 10-10-15.
Frances, Abby Stevens & Connie of Morgan
City got a Ragdoll Sept. 2013
Sherri Fuselier's Family of Ville Platte visited us 11-12 & got an
older kitten, a Blue Point Himalayan teenager
Nick & Garret Fultz came from Shreveport Dec. 23, 2013 to
get a Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll female kitten for their Mom
Sandi, Kevin & Ty Doran got a Blue Point Ragdoll
Kitten Aug. 2013
James Kiesewetter & his wife of Scott La came
12-21-13 to pick up their baby Ragdoll male.
12-26-2014 Steven Jones came from
Prairieville, La to get a Ragdoll Seal Point
Chris, Lottie & Christina tour Cats by Francy
on March 2013 & choose their favorite
kitten.  They learned how to bathe & groom
their Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll "Misty Blue"
Shelly Lanclos  came with her family from Denham
Springs on 2-25-2015 to get a Seal Point Ragdoll kitten
Ian Vignes & Tabatha Candies came from Gretna Louisiana 2-19-15 to put a deposit on Lucy's
Ragdoll Seal Point kitten & Tabatha came back to pick her up with her family & friends 2-27-15.
Conner & Sara Webb came from Prairieville
La 7-21-15 for a Lynx Ragdoll.
Glen Durmaster came from Gretna, Louisiana on
3-16-2015 to get our Seal Bicolor female of Lana.
Donna Ryder & Johnny Moreland came from Collingston,
Louisiana 3-28-15 for Magdalene born 1-9-09.  She has
the Lion cut for Summer but her hair will grow long again.
Lyndsay Nason of Harvey Louisiana adopted a
Lynx Ragdoll on 7-31-15
Brandy LeBlanc from Broussard came
for another Ragdoll for her, Alex &
Ragdoll "Navi"
Magen & Avonlea Price came from Orange Texas on 12-10-2015 to pick out 2 baby Ragdolls they named Peeka &
Boo.  Magan of "Asher Creek Photography" sent this lovely picture of Avonlea with her kittens.
Mao XiaoYu a History Teacher & Bai YunTong a
Biology Engineer from Huntington Penn. came for a
Seal Mitted Ragdoll kitten 10-16-15
Fred & Dana Marshall came from Leesville Louisiana
12-5-2015 for their Ragdoll
2014 families who adopted our kittens below        2014 families who adopted our kittens below         2014 families who adopted our kittens below     2014 families who adopted our kittens below          2014 families who adopted our kittens
2015 families who adopted our kittens below                   2015 families who adopted our kittens below                                  2015 families who adopted our kittens below              2015 families who adopted our kittens below                   
Seal Point Bi-color Ragdoll "Bailey Mei Chin" of
Ken & Hien Munnerlyn of New Iberia 2010
Hien & Ashley Le from Houma La. got a female Ragdoll "Delilah"
of Twinkletoes & Zumba  2-12.
This sweet couple got a little
Black Persian from us 10-2010
From 2012 going back to 2006 these are our first digital pictures of families adopting our "Cats By Francy" kittens                                                           From 2007 - 2012  our first digital pictures of families adopting "Cats By Francy" kittens
2013 kittens adopted by families below                                2013 kittens adopted by families below                           2013 kittens adopted by families below                                 2013 kittens adopted by families below                     2013 kittens adopted by families below        
Dawn Frederick of Lafayette came for a Ragdoll Seal Point
Mitted  12-5-2014.  Prince at 1 yr with his new friend  "Bentley"
Chris & Emily's Ragdoll Bicolor "Maverick" at 8 wks old & at 1 yr. old 2014
Baton Rouge School Principal, Bridget Henderson got 2 Himalayan Kittens from Francy  
7-2013.  She named them Sanibel & Solomon.  See them 2 months later.
2016 kittens adopted by families below            2016 kittens adopted by families below          2016 kittens adopted by families below                2016 kittens adopted by families below                  2016 kittens adopted by families below
"Snow Angel's" marriage patio with his Silver
Chinchilla Wife wife "Diva"
January & Ferral Vidrine of League City Texas got
"Baby Roux" a Seal Bicolor Ragdoll from us 1-2016
KITTY KINDERGARTEN  Jan. 2015 Call or text 337-230-3150 for an
appointment to play with us!
Veterinarian Leslie Michaelis of Louisiana got 3
Ragdoll Kittens for herself & friends 2010
John Hasselbeck & his son came from Denham
Springs, La to get a baby Ragdoll male seal Bi-color of
Katy Anna on 10-4-2015.
Pong & GaoShu put a deposit on a Ragdoll of Doodle
Bug & Raggedy born 3-12-2015. They came back when
she was 8 wks old to adopt her.
Nurse Neelum Purba from Deridder got our Black Persian
female "Shasta" for her family 11-3-2015 & sent us her 1yr pic
Amy Adams & her family came Dec. 19, 2015 to adopt Francy's Seal
Lynx Ragdoll they named "Bailey".  Here she is @ 2mos & 6mos
Brian & Chantel Cader of Trout, Louisiana came 5-22-16 to adopt a Seal
Mitted Lynx boy & a Seal Bicolor girl Ragdoll.
Joshua & Jenniffer Manuel of Oakdale
Louisiana  April 9, 2016  put a deposit on
our tiny Persian born 3-15-16.  They
adopted him 5-15-16
Minghe Wu  from New Orleans 4-9-16 picked out
a Seal bicolor Ragdoll  
Kirk Daigle, Kathleen, Chelsea, Cameron Tesha & Meshe from Cut Off,
La got a Ragdoll kitten on 4-22-2016.
Teresa Whitaker's Lynx Ragdoll
"Berkeley" 5-2016
Chuck, Miranda & Alyssa Filippone of Port Allen Louisiana adopted a precious
Lynx Point female for their family on 12-2-2016
Mitted Lynx Ragdoll from Francy named
"Penny Lane" owned by
Catherine Parker
Joshua Rathburn came from Houston for his
Ragdoll "Marti" 4-2-2016 & came back 8-12-16 for
a Persian
3 Persian kittens born 10-22-2016 to Beauty & Mufasa all sold to Joshua
Rathburn in Houston Texas 12-23-2016.
Duayne Richard  (Whitney Bank President) & his wife Dudy Richard of
Lafayette got their Ragdoll "Sam" 12-2016
Kimberly Hammers, Kennedy & Tate came from Meraux,
Louisiana on 4-30-16 to get a Blue Mitted male Ragdoll
Linda Curtis of Youngsville La. with
Frosty's son "Charlie"  adopted 7-22-16.
Dr. Rebecca Davis of Baton Rouge came 6-18-16 for a Seal
Mitted Ragdoll male & came 10-16-16 for a Blue Mitted.
Francesco & Ashley Cocozza came from Rayne, La for
their Seal Point male Ragdoll on 9-30-2016.
Brian & Andrea Falcon came from Baton Rouge to
adopt our White Persian female on 11-6-16.
Dawn & Taylor Nemetz came from Conroe Texas 11-6-2016 for
our Seal Lynx Point Mitted male Ragdoll they named "Winston".
12-7-16 Xiao Jin & Lu Xin of Clinton Ms. came for 2 Ragdoll
kittens they named "Mani" & "Nemo"
Michael & Johnna Melito of Denham Springs got our
Red Chinchilla Persian 12-9-2016 they call"Bruno".
Sharon & Russel Lemoine came with Ms Maderes on
8-9-16 from Slidell, La. for a White Persian male kitten
Dana & Thomas Roques of Paulina Louisiana got our Blue Point Mitted
female Ragdoll "Sophia Loren" 11-11-16.
Cathleen & Kaitlin Polit of Slidell came
11-11-16 for their Ragdoll Seal Mitted male
Dana Helmes came with her daughter
Kenzlie & son Triston on 11-12-2016 to get
another Ragdoll they named"Lilly".
Tammy Keith from Calvin, Louisiana came
10-22-2016 for a Seal Bicolor Female
Ragdoll she named "Isabella".
Dr.  Gail
with her  
Texas Dr. of
Buck Hall &
his wife in 2010
their Silver
Registered Nurse
Monette Villien
from Maurice La.  
got our Lynx Point  
Ragdoll "Jynx"
Dr. Brian & Kayla Granger of Lafayette, La. got a
Ragdoll Seal Pt of "FIESTA" & "BIG FOOT"  9-1-13
Dr.Schexnayder & her family of Walker, La.
with their new White Persian  4-2012
Dr. Brian Granger of Lafayette, the Pooles, Mark August &
Yvonne Ledet came Aug. 2013 to pick out kittens
New Orleans Attorney Matthew Soja
& Emily Byrd get a Lynx Ragdoll
Bi-color of Lucy & Big Foot 5-31-14
Dr. Lisa & Travis Verret of Baton Rouge chose a Ragdoll
& a Himalayan kitten for their family on 9-2-13
Lauren Vizza, Miss Louisiana 2012,  
toured CatsByFrancy 7-14
Amanda Nichols, a nurse from Baton Rouge came
8-10-2015 for a Seal Bicolor male Ragdoll for her family
Police Sargeant Mike Junco & his wife Polly came from Houston,Texas to get our Blue
Bi-color Ragdoll of Skyler & Big Foot on 6-4-2014.   Here he is Jan. 2015 above.
Dr. Jim & Karen Blackburn of Lafayette got a
Ragdoll June 19, 2015
Dr. Mark & Connie Welch of Lafayette  adopted 2 Ragdoll
kittens for their family 11-2015
"Asher Creek Photography"
"Bandit" is Janice Holland Dinnat's
Ragdoll adopted from Francy 2015.  
She is rocking him to sleep !   
Kimberly & Juliana Hernandez of Morgan City
Louisiana got a  Bi-color Ragdoll kitten  9-2013
Feb.26,2016 Tyler & Tian Yang Constantin of
Baton Rouge, La got our White Persian male.
Dana McAnelly & her children from Denham Springs,
Louisiana came 4-4-2016 to get a Blue Bicolor Ragdoll
Dr. Mark Nicaud of New Orleans La. got a Blue
Bicolor Ragdoll 4-30-16
Melissa & Ruthie Davis of Kinder Louisiana got a
Ragdoll Seal Mitted with Splash on 5-6-16.  They
named her "Lily Rue".
Bea Andrus & her daughter Kristy
came from Baton Rouge La to adopt 2
baby Ragdolls on 5-13-2016.  They
named them "Beau" & Bella"
Scott, Jill & Brook Waltemate came from Shreveport, La. 5-30-2016 to
adopt a Seal Mitted Ragdoll kitten  
Dr. Tim Finney of the N.O. Saints & his wife Gina got a Seal Mitted
Ragdoll from us a few years ago.  They sent these 2016 pictures
of Francy's Ragdoll  "Stella" with her doggie friend.
Jill Levraea & Buck Lee came from Baton Rouge to adopt
a White Persian kitten 6-21-16  "King Alfred"
Elizabeth Gravender & Rosemary Zapata came from Katy
Texas on 6-24-2016 for a Seal Bicolor Ragdoll female
On 7-8-2016 Julie Buell of Fort Worth Tx. got a Ragdoll.   Persians
were adopted by Camille, Lainie & Olivia Guillory of Lafayette & Jared
Evans came for a baby Persian for Nurse Sebrena Alivernini of Tx.
Jessica Graham came on 7-18-2016 with her children Zachary &
Catherine from Baton Rouge,La. for a Ragdoll kitten.
Melvin, Gabrielle & Alex Reis came from St.Bernard,
Louisiana on 7-11-2016 for a Ragdoll Bicolor male
Dr. Jamie O'Flynn, at Oschner's in New
Orleans, on 7-13-2016 got a Ragdoll
"Mr. Kits William Darcy"
KarenTucker came for her 2 Himalayans from  
Franklinton, Louisiana on 7-3-2016.
Claire Shaw & her husband came from Baton Rouge
on 7-14-2016 for a Blue Mitted Ragdoll "Brielle"
Amelia Miller came with her friends from Kiln,
Mississippi on 7-1-2016 to adopt a Bicolor Ragdoll
Atty Scott, Stephanie, Hayley & Leah
Silvey came from New Orleans
for a Seal Mitted Ragdoll
Neal & Natalie Chandler came from Shreveport 10-22-16 for their 2nd
Ragdoll.  This Seal Mitted Ragdoll whom they named "Meaux" is  now
friends with their other Ragdoll "Mia"
Dexter & Cayla Lirette of Houma La got
a Seal Ragdoll "Dex" 12-7-16
Joseph DeLaughter & Michael Schoen Jr came from
Baton Rouge 11-18-2016 to get 2 Ragdolls
of "Lucy" & "Big Foot"
Casey Comb & Katie Brasseaux of Breaux
Bridge, La adopted a Black Longhaired rescue
kitty 11-25-2016
Shelia & her son, Veterinarian Justin Loudermilk of Johnson City, Tenn
got a Seal Mitted Ragdoll from Francy whom they named "Finn" to
befriend their Ragdoll "Wookie." 9-30-16
Sebrina Alivernini, Nurse Practitioner from Lumberton
Texas adopted 2 Persians, Baci & Luca  2-22-16.  
Jessica & Richard Cox of Opelousas,
Louisiana got a Seal Lynx Mitted male
Ragdoll 3-21-16
Darlene Hebert of Broussard, La came
3-21-16 for our Seal Bicolor Ragdoll she
named Pandora.
Brian & Atousa Spurrier came with their son Brayden from Walker
Louisiana 4-9-16 to adopt 2 Ragdoll boys
Dr. Lauren Burger DDS of Baton Rouge,
La 4-29-2016 with her Blue Point Mitted
male Ragdoll.
The Hammers family, Kimberly, Kennedy, Tate & Finley came from Meraux, Louisiana on
4-30-16 to adopt their Blue Mitted male Ragdoll
They adopted a Lynx Point Mitted Ragdoll & Sorry I lost their names
Jonathan, Dawn & Ethan Hebert came 6-24-16 from
Breaux Bridge La. to adopt a Siamese Snowshoe
Ragdoll from us, rescued in Mobile Alabama
Jamileh Moezivaziri came with her boyfriend Darren & her Mom from
Metarie, La. on 7-22-2016 to adopt our beautiful Brown Tabby Persian.
7-11-16 Kim Burcham & her daughter Jane & her daughters
Caitlin & Kaylee Rivers from Lake Charles got 2 Ragdoll
kittens & Molly picked up Dawn Fekete's Persian
Tony, Lindsey, Fisher & Major Hebert
from Lafayette got their Seal Mitted
Ragdoll "Mandu" 10-6-16
Donald, Rhonda & Bailey
Bourgeois of Covington, La

came 10-1-2016 for a Blue Mitted
female Ragdoll "Beignet"
Nurse Mimi with Kate & Carolyn Barker
of Houma got a Persian 10-29-2016
Richard Cox of Opelousas, La with his
Ragdoll Lynx "Oswald" (pic 12-7-16)
Julia Deville & Laura Bertrand from Melville, La. came 11-14-16 for a
Seal Bicolor Ragdoll
11-21-16 Lilly Riera of Plaquemine got this Blue
Mitted Ragdoll boy.
Cheree Litton with her daughter & Daddy
came 6-24-16 from Jonesboro La for their
Lynx Point Mitted Ragdoll male.
Isaac & Sara Senty came from Goodlettesville
Tennessee 10-22-2016 for a Seal Point Ragdoll.
<  Cheree Litton's Lynx
Ragdoll "Oswald"
at 1 year old
April 2017
Francy's 7 yr old Seal Point
Ragdoll "Duchess" born 5-09
is also owned by Laura
Helminger of Mansura La.
Chad & Laura Helmingers of Mansura, Louisiana came 5-13-16 for a
Blue Point female Ragdoll they named "Bella" to befriend their
7 year old Seal Point Ragdoll from Francy they named "Duchess" >
Slick, Nori & Braxton Joiner came 12-4-16 from Jena
La. for a White Persian male.
Trina Martin & her friend Johnna Melito of "Halo's Salon" in Denham Springs came 11-6-2016
for a White Persian male Trina named "Jon Snow".   Here they are May 2017 above!
Retired RN Gwendolyn Thibodeaux came with her husband, Milton & grandson Reese of Gray
La. for Blueberry 12-23-16 (Blue Mitted Ragdoll) & came back for Boudic (Lynx) 4-17
Pharmacist Sherry Bass & her daughter & mom came  11-13-2016  from
Lindale, Texas for 2 Ragdolls & a Persian.
Sarah Duncan & Paxton came
to visit CatsByFrancy & take a
Free Tour 1-29-2016
Callie & Quynn Dempster came 5-15-16 to adopt our
Seal Mitted male Ragdoll for their Grandmother
Tootsie Plaisance in Thibodaux, La
Donna Collins & my sister Darlene Barnes of Marrero
Louisiana came 5-1-2016 for a Blue Bicolor Ragdoll "Bokeh"
Francy with  Kristy Andrus from Baton Rouge La who
adopted 2 baby Ragdolls on 5-13-2016.  They named them
"Beau" & Bella"
The Forgeys from Baton Rouge  got a
Chinchilla Silver Persian kitten 6-18-16
Jeff & Becky Broussard came from Scott Louisiana
for our Blue Mitted female Ragdoll on 6-27-16
Tessie White-Stein came from Mereaux Louisiana 6-23-2016 for our
Himalayan Seal Point male from Zsa Zsa & Mufasa for her twins.
Shanna Boudreaux of St. Francisville
got our Seal Mitted Female Ragdoll
Lafayette, La. nurse Sara Comeaux & sons Luke & Alex
got their Ragdoll kitten from us 1-25-2016.
John & Regina from England came for their favorite
Blue Mitted Ragdoll kitten on Jan. 29, 2016.
Ferral & January Vidrine came from League City
Texas for their Ragdoll kitten 1-10-16
Lisa Selzer & Abby came from Pearl River La to adopt their Ragdoll
kitten on 6-24-2016
Melinda Jacobs came from Alexandria La on
8-12-2016 for a Smoke Persian female kitten
Oschners Scientist Andrea Price & Dr. Steve Zobrist came from
Hammond La  9-24-2016 for a Seal Point Ragdoll kitten
Melissa Burger from Covington La came with  son Brennan
her mom Ms Strata 9-30-2016 for their Blue Point male
Ragdoll they named "Phineus".
Danielle & Coleman Theriot of Youngsville, La came
on 12-16-16 to adopt a little black rescue kitten
Sweet lady came from Minnesota to
adopt our Ragdoll Flame Point  4-8-2010
Marcie, Myron & Marley Ryan came 5-6-16 from Mandeville, Louisiana & got a Ragdoll
they named "Curry".  Here is Curry at 1 year old on the left.
Justin Marchiano with his Seal Mitted
Ragdoll "Sam" from Cats By Francy 2016
Dana Roques daughter Hadley"
with her Blue Mitted Ragdoll they
named  "Sully" 12-2016
Laura Tamburo's daughter Presley with her
Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll "Roman" from Francy 1-17
Kristy Andrus of Baton Rouge with her
2 Ragdolls from Francy, "Beau" &
"Bella" 1- 17.  She her FB rescue page!
Feb. 2016 Laura Mitchell's daughter Billie of
Monroe La with her Seal Point Ragdoll from
Cats By Francy named "Snickers"
March 3, 2017 Joshua Creasman &  his
daughter Macie of Youngsville La. got a
Ragdoll kitten they named "Lilly"
Amber Lopez with
Francy's Brown Tabby
Persian kitten April 2017
Dr. Prebbles Ramswell
of Florida with her
Silver Tabby Persian
she named  "Athena"
from Cats By Francy
Feb. 2013
Aug 2017
This page displays families who got kittens from us from 2007 - 2016.  See Family page for 2017 families
In 2006 Connie Morein came for our Blue
Point Himalayan she named "Blueau Beauty"