LAST WHITES THIS YEAR!  Call or text us for an appointment 337-230-3150
We Retired our last Persian male so our 2 CFA Persian females marry our Ragdoll males & make "Ragamuffin" kittens.
All of our Kittens are Registered, Champion Pedigreed, Trained, Immunized, Beautiful, Gentle, Affectionate & come with a Medical Record, Written
Guaranty & Papers proving parents are DNA Negative for fatal kitty diseases.  Persians require lots of grooming!  If you don't like to brush them or have
the patience or the money to take care of them, please don't buy one.  
They deserve someone who can give lots of love to a gentle, sweet & fluffy kitty!   $100 Kitten Kits Available.     Breeding Rights are $1000 up +tax.   
(You may put a Non-Refundable Deposit of $300 to hold your choice & the deposit is subtracted from the price.)

All of our kittens are Champion Pedigreed & price is determined by Quality,
Champions in their Pedigree & their Age.
Persians and Himalayans are smaller than the Ragdoll breed.
RAGAMUFFINS are the result of Persians breeding Ragdolls.
You are welcome to tour our Kitty Marriage Patios and play in Kitty Kindergarten
with our sweet kittens to pick the one best suited for you & your family!
Please call us for an Appointment.
337-230-3150 or 337-233-0024

You may put a deposit on a particular kitten & we do accept, Credit and Debit cards.
The deposit is non-refundable but you may switch your deposit to a different kitten when you arrive.
A penalty of $100 applies if you change to a kitten of the same age or $200 for a younger kitten.
All of our kittens have had $400 worth of medical work plus $100 in DNA papers & $200 in Registration
& Pedigree papers so their cost to us is $700.  We have spent hundreds of hours in taking care
of them & their parents before you adopt them, but we love doing it.  
They have all had 2 series of Respiratory Vaccinations completed, they are wormed, ear mited,
claws are clipped & they have Advantage Flea Prevention or Revolution monthly.  
They are trained, used to baths & come with a Vaccination Record,
DNA papers,  Champion Pedigree papers & a Written Guaranty.
We offer supplies that your kitten needs for $100 or you may purchase them yourself
before coming for a kitten:
(Double Food Bowl, Bag of Iams & Canned Kitten Foods,  Canned Iams & Canned Fancy Feast,  Scoop,
Large Jug of Tidy Cats Scoopable Litter, Litter Pan, Double Brush, Toy & Pet Carrier w/Cushion)

Our kittens want a family who will love them & take good care of them.
Looking forward to meeting you & please drive carefully!          
       is located at 146 Fallbrook Ave. in Lafayette, La. 70506.   
Please call or text us for an appointment:  337-230-3150

Call or text 337-230-3150 for an appointment to bring
your family to play in our 6 Kitty Marriage Patios
& Kitty Kindergarten.

We are in Lafayette Louisiana by the
Cajundome, off of Bertrand Dr. between
Drug Emporium & First Year's Daycare.
Turn on Dugas Rd & our street
is the 3rd on the left:  146 Fallbrook Ave.
Lafayette, La. 70506

Looking  forward to meeting you!
..........................SING ALONG.................................

"See Yourself When All Is New"

Just see yourself, just see me too;  just see us all in a world that is new.
Think how you'll feel, how it will be;  to live in peace, to be truly free.  
No evil one will then prevail; rule by our God cannot ever fail.
The time will have come for a new earthly start;
The song of our praises will pour out from our heart:
Jehovah our God, how well you have done!
All things are new by the rule of your son!  
The fullness of our heart overflows in our song:
All glory & honor & praise to you belong!   

Now see yourself, and see me too; & look ahead to a world that is new.
No sight we see, no sound we hear; will cause alarm or give rise to fear.
All has come true, just as he said; now over mankind, his tent is spread.
He now shall awaken those sleeping in death;
Their voices will join us with every grateful breath:
Jehovah our God, how well you have done!
All things are new by the rule of your Son!  
The fullness of our heart overflows in our song;
All glory & honor & praise to you belong!   
Our mama Persians BELOW  breed Ragdolls to have Ragamuffins
(Persians with Doll Faces) (No Pug faces)
SILVER TEACHING POINT:    "SILVERS" are born dark & lighten with age!
The length of the silver tipping on each hair determines the color,  1/8" black =Chinchilla, 1/4"= Shaded, 1/2"= Smoke or Tabby.
All have the gorgeous black eye liner like the Fancy Feast Persian,  because their skin is black.  Their lips and paw pads are also black.  
at 1 Week old
Himalayan colored Persians are always born White.  
These kittens were born Jan. 22, 2014  & as they grew up  developed color & gorgeous coats.
(Francy's 4 main Himalayan colors are:)
L-R:  Seal Point, Blue Point, Flame Point & Chocolate Point
These were colors of Persians that we Specialized in:  
Now we have only Chinchilla & colorpoint Persians
whom we breed to our Ragdolls & White Ragamuffin.
These Kittens are SOLD!
Chocolate Point Persian
ACFA calls them Chocolate Point Himalayan
Milk Chocolate is Light to Medium Brown
Lilac Point Persian
also called Lilac Point Himalayan
has light pinkish blue points
Seal Point Persian
also called Seal Point Himalayan
has dark brown points like Seals
Volunteers or nursing mama cats needed
to nurse stray kittens who lose their
or text us at 337-230-3150.
Persian Chinchilla Silver
"BEAUTY"  797 CH. PED.
Heterochromia White Beauty owned
by Vicki Peacher in Tx
Zsa Zsa & Mufasa's male
Himalayan born 4-15-2016.
SOLD 6-23-16  $1500
White Persian kitten born 6-10-16 to
Diva & Snow Angel  797 Champions
SOLD  9-24-2016 to Joshua
Rathburn of Houston Tx
Male Chinchilla  Persian born
8-29-2016 $1700 +$136 tax
SOLD 10-21-16 to Nurse Mimi
Barker in Houma, Louisiana
Sold 11-6-16 to Brian & Andrea
Falcon Baton Rouge Female Deaf
White Persian  $1600
SOLD 11-6-16 to Trina Martin of
Denham Springs 11-6-16  
Beauty & Mufasa had 3  Persian kittens born 10-22-2016     (ALL SOLD  Dec. 2016)
F Shaded Silver      &          M Black SOLD to Joshua Rathburn Houston &              Brown Tabby SOLD TO Josh Rathburn  
Our Spayed Persian "Snow Bunny" born 7-16-08
311 Champion Pedigree    
Michael & Johnna Melito of Denham Springs got our Red
Chinchilla Persian 12-9-2016.
Persian White male SOLD to Chassidy
Francois of New Roads, La 12-9-16
Persian Brown Tabby male $1700 + tax. SOLD
1-7-17 to Rylie Rosevear, Covington, La above
Chinchilla Persian "Cinderella"
born 9-1-09;242 Champion Pedigree
Ragamuffin loved by Abigail
Isbell of Baton Rouge, La. 4-2-17
Ragamuffin Kittens born 3-7-2017 to our "Cinderella" & "Big Foot"
None of our kittens can leave their mamas until they are 8 weeks old
Loved by Kisha Killmer of New
Orleans, La since 4-22-17
Brown Tabby Ragamuffin loved
by Brian Cader from Jena La
since 4-22-2017
WHITE & SILVER Persians loved by Sheriff
Deputy Joshua & Jenniffer Manuel of
Oakdale Louisiana since 3-24-2017
Here are Himalayan Seal & Red Points at 1 - 3 years old below.  Their names are Sanibel &
Solomon & they are loved by School Principal, Bridget Henderson, of Baton Rouge, La.
Persian Seal Point "Lady Blue Eyes" born 4-22-08
676 Champion Pedigree is one of our spayed Himmys
Loved since 9-2017 by Pet Smart Cat Groomer Anne Ewing
Retired Blue Point Himalayan adopted 4-2016 by Sharie Richard.
Hailey Munos with her Persian kitten "Marie"  
from Francy 5-2017
Dina Brach came 8-22-17 from Baton Rouge to play in
Francy's Kitty Kindergarten & get a Ragdoll
Kyri Guillory has loved playing with the kittens in
Francy's Kitty Kindergarten since she was 5 years old.
On 1-5-2018 our pure White Persian kitten
was SOLD to Anne Marie VanMeter of Covington Louisiana
who also got his Daddy "Snow Angel".     Kitten was born 6-23-17
His Parents are Persian "Cinderella" &
Ragdoll "Big Foot"; born 8-7-17
Ragamuffin loved since
by Tina Marie Santolucito  
Female SOLD to Brian & Shu
Cader of Jena Louisiana
Ragamuffins of Beauty &  Big Foot  born 8-5-17
4 weeks
at 7 weeks
Silver Mitted Ragamuffin female  SOLD 10-6-17 to Jess Do &
Charles Herpin of Baton Rouge.  They named her "Charlotte"
& didn't want their pic posted.
4 weeks old
8 weeks old
Elisa Reeves of Texas got a baby Ragdoll Seal Mitted
from us a few years ago
White Persian born to Diva & Snow Angel on 6-23-17.  Pic
taken 12-15-17     
797 Champions in his Pedigree
Our Himalayan Persian "Lilly Lynx"    born 3-13-08.
12-2-17 the loving Brad & Kayla Kontra family of  Zachery La. adopted her
SOLD 12-10-17 to the Yumna Abbas
family of  Lafayette
4 mos White Flame Point male $1000
Ragamuffin Red Point male SOLD
1-15-18 to Babin family of St.Amant La.
Ragamuffin Female Spotted Tortie $900
SOLD 1-20-18 to Abby
McClendon of Denham Springs
"DIVA"  our Chinchilla Silver Persian has a 311 Champion Pedigree & is now retired &
loved by Dr. Prebbles Ramswell of Destin, Florida   (her favorite spot in the lavatory)
SOLD 2-12-18 to Cindy Moore of Dallas Texas & she adopted him on 3-23-18!  
Here is "Link" with their Golden Doodle "Buddy" in Dallas Texas.
3 wks
< 5 wks
3 weeks
5 weeks
born Jan. 9, 2018                Male Brown Tabby      
born Jan. 9, 2018     Female Black with Boots      $1600 + tax
SOLD 2-12-18 to Frank, Joyce & Lilly Cambas of Covington,La.  
They came 3-9-2018 to get her
Ragamuffin Silver Tabby  
SOLD 2-24-18 to Trina Martin
of Denham Springs, La
Female RAGAMUFFIN kitten of "Skyler" &
"Snow Angel"  486 Champion Pedigree   
born Jan. 22, 2018  & adopted by Tara
Lucette of Lafayette, Louisiana 4-6-2018  
Liz, Jordan & Jewel Cabello of
Westminster Colorado got our
White Ragamuffin they named
"Petunia Lilly"  on 3-5-2018
Baby Smoke Male
FEMALE  (Brown Mitted Tabby) Sold 6-11-18 to
Amy Tang  of Slidell La
Picture above at 3 weeks old
MALE (Black Smoke on left)
SOLD 6-13-18 to Keaton Brennamon
Red Point male "Blaze" of
Wendell Campbell from
Cats by Francy
"Diva" & "Big Foot's" 2 Ragamuffin kittens born 5-3-18
SOLD "FINN" 7-28-18 to Vicki Ziler of Lafayette, La.
Ragamuffin male SOLD
8-17-18 to Steven Maniscalco
of Plaquemine, La
Brown Mitted Tabby
Ragamuffin female born
9-11-18 to "Cinderella"  &
"Cat Man Do"  $2000.

Amy Solar of
Gonzolas came for
her on 11-2018
Free Tours: Call or Text: 337-230-3150

146 Fallbrook Ave.; Lafayette, La. 70506
SOLD 2-5-19 to
Noel Miller of Carrier
SOLD 2-9-19 to
Rory, April & Harlee
Hartman of Marrero La
Brown Tabby Ragamuffin female born
11-10-2018   $2000 Kerry & Emily
Thibodeaux of Thibodaux La  1-18-19
RAGAMUFFIN males OF LANA & KING PUFF born 1-6-2019 $1900
Sold 3-10-19 to Vivian Harp
in Arlington Texas
Sold 3-8-19 to Diane Trosclair of  
Patterson, Louisiana
Feb. 2019 at 9 months old
RAGAMUFFINS of "Cinderella" & "Cat Man Do" born 1-31-19
(Picture of these 3 baby Ragamuffins at 1 week old)
2 SOLD to Steven Leva of
LasVegas, Nevada who flew
them home 4-1-19.
Male Silver/white Tabby $1900
SOLD to Michelle Parker of
Jennings, La 4-5-19
SALE:  Fri. Oct. 11 (2-4pm) & Mon. Oct. 14 (2-4pm) $200 off!   337-230-3150
146 Fallbrook  Ave.;  Lafayette, Louisiana 70506      
Updated 10-10-19
Andreana Roger's beautiful female 2 yr
old  Silver Persian "Zsa Zsa", rehomed
with Celeste Benoit 4-2018 & her Ragdoll
"Zsa Zsa".  She loves her Persian friend,
"Zsa Zsa" (Both from Cats By Francy !)
Attorney Diane Cullinan
came from Coral Gables
(Miami) Florida 1-26-19 for
her Black & White
Ragamuffin kitten
Flame Point
born 4-6-18    
(73 Champion
SOLD 10-28-18 to Daniel &
Jennifer Howes of
Mandeville, La.
Silver Ragamuffin born 4-8-18
to "Cinderella" & "Cat Man
(baby pic & now 1 yr old>)
"Little Marie"
owned by
Mirthia Munos  
SOLD to:
Buteaux-Tamayo of
Thibodaux La.
Female Ragamuffin  
White with
2 colored eyes
$2000 born 3-16-19
to  Persian "Marie"
& Ragdoll
"Francy's Big Foot".
5 months 4-26-19
@2  mo.   old
Adult Male
Brown Tabby
Cats By Francy's Smoke Male is
owned by Chassidy Francois
Cats By Francy Smoke
Male born 2012 owned by
Jamie Newchurch (pic 7 yrs old)
Smoke female "Silver
Dreams" of Cats By Francy

Steve &
Male Ragamuffin loved by
Kyla Leduc, Broussard, LA  
since 6-20-2019
Male Smoke Ragamuffin loved by
Brian, Atousa & Braydon Spurrier
of WalkerLa since 6-29-19
Loved by Preston
Bryant of Dallas TX
since 7-1-2019
Loved since 11-6-2017 by
Rowland & Charlene Kimbrough
Ragamuffin Mitted Lynx born 8-31-2017 to our parent kitties:
Persian "Lilly" & Ragdoll "Big Foot".
Female White Ragamuffin  
SOLD  8-2019 $2000
At 1
year old
#6    WHITE 2 Colored Eyes
$1500 + tax
$1600 (BREEDER $2600)
#8   White female
$1500 +tax
#5 Female Blue-eyed Lynx
$1100 + tax
"Lacey"  & "King Puff's" Lynx & White RAGAMUFFINS born 5-23-2019      559 Champion Pedigree
"Lana" & "King Puff's" RAGAMUFFIN
with Blue eyes born 6-8-2019   (486 Champions)
#9     Male Blue-Eyed White  
$1700 + tax
"Bayou  Babe" &  "King Puff's"   RAGAMUFFIN  males  
born  6-25-2019    (486 Champion Pedigree)
#12 Male Blue-Eyed White
$1800 + tax
#13 Blue-Eyed White
$1800 + tax
"King Puff"
486 Champion Daddy Ragamuffin