Pharmacist Sherry Bass & her daughter & mom came  11-13-2016  from
Lindale, Texas for 2 Ragdolls & a Persian.
Ragdoll >
as a
"Big Foot" >
You may make a $300
nonrefundable deposit with
to hold your choice! Please call us 1st
to see if the kitten you want is still available
because we update the website once a day.
See Facebook: Cats by Francy
We accept Debit Cards, MC, VISA
& DISCOVER Cards, PayPal &
Please come for a
free tour.


Would you like to live forever,
In a paradise on earth?
Where every man would be your brother;
What would such a world be worth?
Would you be willing to give up...
All your bombs, your swords, your guns?
And beat them all to plow shears;
Let the Kingdom come?
Would you like to live forever,  
Strange though it may seem?
It's time to call the meek together,
And it's really not a dream.

Would you like to see the sunrise,
On a clean and redeemed earth?
And no more sickness, no more tear filled eyes;
Now what would such a world be worth?
Would you be willing to do without...
Your factories, freeways, smoke machines?  
And like the wolf, lie down with the lamb,  
If you know just what i mean.

Oh would you like to live forever,
Strange though it may seem.  
It's time to call the meek together,
and it's really not a dream.  

Yes would you like to live forever,
In a paradise on earth?   
And if you'd like to live forever,  
Tell me, what would such a world be worth?

Psalm 37:9-11,29; Prov. 2:21-22; Isa. 11:5-9
Matthew 5:5; 2Peter 3:13;  Rev. 21:1-5

Bible Questions Answered:
2 Ragdoll kittens available now &
pictures of newborns posted below on 5-23-17.
All of our Gorgeous, Sweet  Kittens are Registered with CFA or ACA,  Champion Pedigreed & DNA NEGATIVE for Polycystic Kidney
Disease, Retinal Atrophy & Cardiomyopathy.    All of our PERSIANS, HIMALAYANS & RAGDOLLS HAVE:  $400 worth of medical work: 2
series of Respiratory Vaccinations, Wormings, Advantage Flea Prevention & $300 worth of Registration Papers, Champion Pedigrees,
DNA papers & a Written Guaranty.  (Breeding rights are $1000 extra)
($300 Nonrefundable Deposit to hold a kitten)
(Blue numbered boxes = boy   &  Pink numbered boxes = female & Red boxes = Sold)
Kittens cannot be adopted until they are 8 weeks old.  No Delivery & No Shipping!  You must pick up your kitten & have your supplies ready before
you come or you can purchase our kitten kit for $100.   (See the list at the top of this page)

is a
"CFA Cattery of Excellence"

146 Fallbrook Ave.; Lafayette, La 70506
(Call or text: 337-230-3150)
(In Holden Heights off Bertrand Dr. by Drug Emporium
& Cajun Field; 3rd block behind Deano's Pizza)

Since 1978 Cats by Francy has been a beautiful & comfortable Breeding        
Facility for Persians, Himalayans & Ragdolls.  Our CFA Persians &
Himalayans are gentle & quiet & our TICA & ACA Ragdolls are playful
& floppy.  They run & play freely in their 10' x 15' Luxury Furnished Patios
& our nursing females have Private 6'x3'x2.5' tiled Condominiums with all the
Kitty aminities: beds, shelves, carpets, toys, the best food & lots of love.

Our kittens receive $400 WORTH OF MEDICAL WORK:  [2 (3-in1) series
of Respiratory Vaccinations, Wormings, Claws Clipped, Advantage Flea
Prevention & Bath monthly] They are well socialized & trained. All come with:
Registration Paper, Vaccination Record, Written Guaranty and
$300 worth of
papers including Parents DNA & Champion Pedigrees.


RAGDOLLS: Playful, Floppy, always Blue-eyed & easy to groom [10-30 lbs]  
PERSIANS: Quiet, Long Haired & loves gentle Brushing [4-15 lbs]
(Specializing in Whites, Chinchillas, Silvers, Smokes & Blacks)
HIMALAYANS are Persians with the Color Pattern of Siamese. [4-15 lbs]
(Seal Point, Blue Point, Flame or Red Point, Tortie Pt, Lynx Pt. & Lilac Point)

A $300 deposit may be made through to secure
your kitty but please call us first to make sure it is still available.  
If kitten is 4 months or older you have 2 weeks
to pick up your kitty or your deposit is forfeited.

Our Written Guaranty is as follows:
Kittens may be returned for a full refund of the purchase
price only when accompanied by a Veterinarian's statement of kitten’s having
a critical disease or defect, not caused by the buyer,  within 72 hours
of the sale.   All of the kitten's papers including Registration papers must be
returned in  perfect condition without new owner's name, or markings at all.
Any finding, after the first 72 hours, including defects  that may be genetic,
diseases contracted at new owner’s home or at Vet’s Office,
airborne or by contact, or diseases the kitten may have been carrying, allergic
reactions of  kitty or it's human contacts or for any other reason, does not qualify for a
refund.  If kitty cannot be kept for some reason, Cats By Francy may give you back 1/2 the
purchase price, but is not under obligation to do so.  The undersigned new owner agrees
to the contract & assumes full  responsibility for the kitten from the time of the sale & any
expenses it may cause or incur, such as vet visits, tests, medicines etc. &
buyer agrees to love & take very good care of their new kitten.  
SUPPLIES for $100
Your kitten needs these
supplies so please
get them before you visit
us if you don't want to
purchase ours:
(1 Double Bowl, Large Bag
of Iams Kitten Food, Iams & Fancy
Feast Canned Food,
Large Jug of Tidy Cats
Scoopable Litter, Litter Pan,
Scoop, Double Brush,
Fancy Durable Pet Carrier
with Cushion & Toy)
Your kitty must be neutered if it is a male & spayed if it is a
female or it will mark your house with it's urine & feces to
attract a mate.  It is not being bad. It is being normal!    
Please contact your Vet !

or   (prices below 2016)

1. Male $49 fee includes exam, anesthesia, surgery,
antibiotic, rabies shot & tax.
2. Female $59 fee includes exam, anesthesia, surgery,
antibiotic, rabies shot & tax. Clip claws - $5 extra.
We are near the crossing of 2 Interstate Highways.  
Easy to find!

From I-10 take Exit 100, Ambassador Caffery South; Go 1
mile. At the Y, veer left onto Bertrand Drive; continue 1
mile (see UHC Hospital & Cajun Dome on left); cross
Congress St..  Slow down & proceed thru next light in
the right lane going straight; turn right at the 1st street,
Dugas Rd.;  Go 3 blocks & turn left onto Fallbrook Ave. ;
146 is the 5th house on the left.

From I-49 North take Second St. west toward  
Cajundome; proceed 2 miles & turn left at Bertrand Dr.
light; 1st light proceed straight in right lane.  1st street
turn right on Dugas Rd.  Go 3 blocks & turn left on
Fallbrook Ave.; 146 is the 5th house on the left.

From I-49 Hwy 90 South turn left at Louisiana
Ave./Johnston St. go 4 miles & turn right on Bertrand Dr.;
Go 2 blocks & turn left on Sunnyvale; 3 blocks to the
right is Fallbrook Ave. & 146 is the 9th house on the right.

We are looking forward to meeting you!   
Please Drive Carefully!
w/Splash   "Raggedy Andy"
TOUR OF :  337-230-3150  (5-14)
owned by Stefani Domingue


Only a Licensed Veterinarian can give medical advice but we can tell you
what has worked for us over the years:

1. WE FEED HIGH QUALITY FOOD as Science Diet & Iams because good nutrition is vital for good health.   A little
canned food or table scraps cut small & placed in a treat dish, on your lap, in your recliner, every evening, will teach
your kitty that your lap is a very nice place to be.  We never clip nails, give medicine or pull out a mat on our laps.  
The hands are for petting & not for grabbing kittys tummy to make them bite.  That may look cute when they are little,
but when they grow up, they will jump to bite your hands while you are on the computer etc & will make you hate them
& it's your fault.    Play with them with dangley toys & laser lights, but not with your hands!  

2. WE WORM OUR CATS MONTHLY and our kittens we worm at 6 weeks of age and every 2 weeks until 6 months old
& then monthly.  We use Strongid Wormer, proportionate mgs to their weight, mixed into their favorite canned food.

3. IF DIARRHEA OCCURS & they are wormed already, something else is wrong.  We use an over the counter anti-
diarrheal pill to stop fluid loss immediately then we start kittys on Albon for Coccodia for 10 days (from a Vet.)   While
on Albon we give a Tsp. of cottage cheese or vanilla yogurt a few times a day to restore the natural flora in the
intestines.  If Albon doesn't stop the diarrhea within 2 days we suspect Giardia so we use Metroconidizole
(6-11 mg/lb every 12 hours,  for  5 days, from a Vet).  If we treat for Worms, Coccidia and Giardia and still there is
diarrhea, then possibly food is the problem, but in our case, the food has
never been the problem. Sometimes
NO Worms, Coccodia or Giardia were manifest in the stool sample but
treating them anyway stopped the diarrhea,
so one of them was the cause, but was not seen in the stool sample.

4. WE GROOM OUR CATS WEEKLY & BATHE THEM MONTHLY, Kittens twice/month.  We prepare warm water in the
kitchen sink & add 3 capfulls of bleach/gallon of water; then we put the kitty on the counter and clip its claws, 10 in
the front, 8 in the back. We comb them to remove any mats, dip the kitty gently into the water stroking them gently to
coat their entire body.  Then we place the kitty on a towel on the counter & pour a warm soap mixture over the kitty
(made of Head & Shoulders Shampoo or Dawn & warm water).  We massage them 5 minutes, then rinse them well,
towel dry them for 1 minute, change towels & then continue massaging and combing them.  If we decide to blow
dry   we carefully start the dryer a few feet away & gradually bring it toward the kitty while talking softly & gently
massaging them.  A bath helps them feel good, prevents skin problems & kills parasites.

5. WE USE EAR MITE MEDICINE and FLEA PREVENTION MONTHLY. After bath, drying & brushing we put the kitty on
the counter and put a few drops of ear mite medicine in one ear canal and massage 5 seconds. Then we place the
kitty on the table and put ear mite medicine in the other ear canal, massage 5 seconds; then put Advantage Flea
Prevention (according to their weight) on the kittys back between the shoulder blades.  

6. TO KEEP KITTY OFF OF THE TABLE AND COUNTER: We simply do things the kitty must have done (like #5 above)
in places that we do not want them to go. They must be ear mited, get flea prevention, have their claws clipped and
hair mats removed, which things they don't enjoy, so we put them on the table & the counter to do these tasks.
We  never do things they hate on our lap!  We don't let them jump down from high places like the counter or table so
they don't injure their backs, sprain ankles or injure their internal organs which can cause Peritonitis.

7. IF KITTY QUITS USING THE LITTER PAN OR MISSES THE PAN: If the kitty is 1 year old and not yet neutered they may
be missing the pan on purpose to attract a mate with their smell.  Please do not scold them.  They will not understand
but think you hate them! They are not being bad or getting back at you!   Please get them neutered!  Older males strong
urine smell takes a month or 2 to disappear, after they are neutered.  Don't be mad at them because it's your fault.

a. Litter may not be clean enough or dirty clothes stink & the kitty thinks, "Oh this is where they want me to potty!"
b. Using a new litter or one of poor quality may hurt kitty's little tender feet.
c. If we moved the litter pan & forgot to put the kitty in it, they can't find it.
d. If there is insufficient lighting our kittys won't step where they can't see what they are stepping on.
e. If the litter is closer than 6 ft from kitty's food (kitty won't potty near it's food because it smells up the area.)
f.  If we changed homes or someone comes to live with us, our kitty may be scared so needs consoling.  Daily
gentle petting & brushing, a fresh catnip capsule from the Herb Store sprinkled onto their favorite canned food,
or plug-in Enzymes helped us.
g. If kitty is not wormed monthly & has runny stools it can be difficult to get to the pan in time (see #2)
h. Kitty may have Coccodia or Giardia since it licks it's feet and ingests what we bring into the home on our shoes;
unless we are Oriental and remove our shoes at the door.
i. If we have a new baby or a new pet or a relative is visiting, our kitty may be scared of the newcomer & mark
territory to try to run them out.   We provide an extra litter pan in a less trafficked area (like a closet) & give them
extra attention, food & love.

Kittys need comfort, love, lots of our time & never scolding.  
The result is that our kittys will be happy & love us for many years.

PROVERBS 12:8 says,
"The righteous one is caring for the soul of his domestic animal."

Keep in close touch with your Veterinarian because they love your pet too.

are born white.  Himalayans are
Persians with Siamese coloring

CFA Club calls these Persians
ACA Club calls them Himalayan Persians
TICA & ACFA Clubs call them Himalayans

Baby Himalayans and Baby Ragdolls
are always born white & develop their
color with age.
Our Ragdoll "Snickers"
is a Seal Point Mitted female.
Ragdolls are born white & darken gradually.
Seal Point Ragdoll
Please come visit &  tour our beautiful
"Cats By Francy" Kitty Kindergarten &
6 Marriage Patios we call "Kitty City".

146  Fallbrook  Ave.
Lafayette, La. 70506
Cell:     337-230-3150

We do volunteer work several days a
week so please call us 1st to make sure
we are home & have time to visit with you.
If you would like to have a Free Home
Bible study, request one from us or apply

Proverbs 12:10-
"The righteous one is kind to animals."
FAMILIES WHO GOT KITTENS FROM CATS BY FRANCY in 2016   (for more pics click "Gallery" at the top of this page)
owned now by Rebecca Sawyer
Our Chinchilla Persian
Francy's Adult Seal
Bi-color  Ragdoll
Call or Text us at 337-230-3150 or  EMAIL:
146 Fallbrook Ave.;  Lafayette,  Louisiana  70506  (website updated:  5-25-17)
Barbara Mazen Guidry & her sons, Alex & Mustafa
came from Lake Charles for their favorite kitten, a
Chinchilla Silver Persian female 1-26-16.
Lafayette, La. nurse Sara Comeaux & sons Luke & Alex
got their Ragdoll kitten from us 1-25-2016.
John & Regina from England came for their favorite Blue
Mitted Ragdoll kitten on Jan. 29, 2016.
Ferral & January Vidrine came from League City Texas for
their Ragdoll kitten 1-10-16
Sarah Duncan & Paxton came to visit CatsByFrancy
on 1-29-2016
Becky & Thomas Giroir came on Jan. 20, 2016 for a 2nd Persian
kitten from Snow & Cinderella.  Maxie kissing Lexie.
Feb. 2016 Laura Mitchell's daughter Billie
of Monroe La with her Seal Point Ragdoll
from Cats By Francy named "Snickers"
Feb.26,2016 Tyler & Tian Yang Constantin of
Baton Rouge, La got our White Persian male.
Sebrina Alivernini, Nurse Practitioner from Lumberton
Texas adopted 2 Persians, Baci & Luca  2-22-16.  
218 Champion Pedigree
Jennifer & Ashton Boudreaux from New Iberia La came  
3-6-16 for a Seal Bicolor Ragdoll.
Francy's 7 yr old Seal Point
Ragdoll "Duchess" born 5-09
is also owned by Laura
Helminger of Mansura La.
Jessica & Richard Cox came from
Opelousas, Louisiana 3-21-2016 for
their favorite kitten, a Seal Lynx Mitted
male Ragdoll born 12-7-2015
Darlene Hebert of Broussard, La came
3-21-16 for our Seal Bicolor Ragdoll she
named Pandora.
SOLD 4-9-16
Chad & Laura Helmingers of Mansura, Louisiana came 5-13-16 for a
Blue Point female Ragdoll they named "Bella" to befriend their
7 year old Seal Point Ragdoll from Francy they named "Duchess" >
"Snow Angel"
486 Champion Pedigree
Dana McAnelly & her children from Denham Springs,
Louisiana came 4-4-2016 to get a Blue Bicolor Ragdoll
Brian & Atousa Spurrier came with their son Brayden from Walker
Louisiana 4-9-16 to adopt 2 Ragdoll boys
SOLD Teenage Red Point
Ragdoll    $500
Dr. Lauren Burger DDS of Baton Rouge,
La 4-29-2016 with her Blue Point Mitted
male Ragdoll.
Dr. Mark Nicaud of New Orleans La. got a Blue
Bicolor Ragdoll 4-30-16
The Hammers family, Kimberly, Kennedy, Tate & Finley came from Meraux, Louisiana on
4-30-16 to adopt their Blue Mitted male Ragdoll
Melissa & Ruthie Davis of Kinder Louisiana got a
Ragdoll Seal Mitted with Splash on 5-6-16.  They
named her "Lily Rue".
Bea Andrus & her daughter Kristy
came from Baton Rouge La to adopt 2
baby Ragdolls on 5-13-2016.  They
named them "Beau" & Bella"
Callie & Quynn Dempster came 5-15-16 to adopt our
Seal Mitted male Ragdoll for their Grandmother
Tootsie Plaisance in Thibodaux, La
Marcie, Myron & Marley Ryan came 5-6-16
from Mandeville, Louisiana & got a Ragdoll
they named "Curry"
Donna Collins & my sister Darlene Barnes of Marrero
Louisiana came 5-1-2016 for a Blue Bicolor Ragdoll "Bokeh"
Scott, Jill & Brook Waltemate came from Shreveport, La. 5-30-2016 to
adopt a Seal Mitted Ragdoll kitten  
Francy with  Kristy Andrus from Baton Rouge La who
adopted 2 baby Ragdolls on 5-13-2016.  They named them
"Beau" & Bella"
The Forgeys from Baton Rouge  got a
Chinchilla Silver Persian kitten 6-18-16
Angelee Fischer came on 6-17-2016 from Mereaux La for her Lynx
Point Mitted Ragdoll kitten.
Lisa Selzer & Abby came from Pearl River La to adopt their
Ragdoll kitten on 6-24-2016
Cheree Litton with her daughter & Daddy
came 6-24-16 from Jonesboro La for their
Lynx Point Mitted Ragdoll male.
Jeff & Becky Broussard came from Scott Louisiana for
our Blue Mitted female Ragdoll on 6-27-16
Dr. Rebecca Davis of Baton Rouge came 6-18-16 for a Seal Mitted
Ragdoll male & came 10-16-16 for a Blue Mitted.
Dr. Tim Finney of the N.O. Saints & his wife Gina got a Seal Mitted
Ragdoll from us a few years ago.  They sent this pic 2016 of
"Stella" with her doggie friend.
Jill Levraea & Buck Lee came from Baton Rouge to adopt
a White Persian kitten 6-21-16  "King Alfred"
Elizabeth Gravender & Rosemary Zapata came from Katy
Texas on 6-24-2016 for a Seal Bicolor Ragdoll female
Jonathan, Dawn & Ethan Hebert came 6-24-16 from
Breaux Bridge La. to adopt a Siamese Snowshoe
Ragdoll from us, rescued in Mobile Alabama
Tessie White-Stein came from Mereaux Louisiana 6-23-2016 for our
Himalayan Seal Point male from Zsa Zsa & Mufasa for her twins.
Jamileh Moezivaziri came with her boyfriend Darren & her Mom from
Metarie, La. on 7-22-2016 to adopt our beautiful Brown Tabby Persian.
On 7-8-2016 Julie Buell of Fort Worth Tx. got a Ragdoll.   Persians
were adopted by Camille, Lainie & Olivia Guillory of Lafayette & Jared
Evans came for a baby Persian for Nurse Sebrena Alivernini of Tx.
Jessica Graham came on 7-18-2016 with her children Zachary &
Catherine from Baton Rouge,La. for a Ragdoll kitten.
7-11-16 Kim Burcham & her daughter Jane & her daughters
Caitlin & Kaylee Rivers from Lake Charles got 2 Ragdoll
kittens & Molly picked up Dawn Fekete's Persian
Melvin, Gabrielle & Alex Reis came from St.Bernard,
Louisiana on 7-11-2016 for a Ragdoll Bicolor male
Dr. Jamie O'Flynn, at Oschner's in New
Orleans, on 7-13-2016 got a Ragdoll
"Mr. Kits William Darcy"
KarenTucker came for her 2 Himalayans from  
Franklinton, Louisiana on 7-3-2016.
Claire Shaw & her husband came from Baton Rouge
on 7-14-2016 for a Blue Mitted Ragdoll "Brielle"
Amelia Miller came with her friends from Kiln,
Mississippi on 7-1-2016 to adopt a Bicolor Ragdoll
Melinda Jacobs came from Alexandria La on 8-12-2016
for a Smoke Persian female kitten
Oschners Scientist Andrea Price & Dr. Steve Zobrist came from
Hammond La  9-24-2016 for a Seal Point Ragdoll kitten
Atty Scott, Stephanie, Hayley & Leah
Silvey came from New Orleans
for a Seal Mitted Ragdoll
Tony, Lindsey, Fisher & Major Hebert
from Lafayette got their Seal Mitted
Ragdoll "Mandu" 10-6-16
Shelia & her son, Veterinarian Justin Loudermilk of Johnson
City, Tenn got a Seal Mitted Ragdoll from Francy whom they
named "Finn" to befriend their Ragdoll "Wookie." 9-30-16
Melissa Burger from Covington La came with  son Brennan
her mom Ms Strata 9-30-2016 for their Blue Point male
Ragdoll they named "Phineus".
Donald, Rhonda & Bailey
Bourgeois of Covington, La

came 10-1-2016 for a Blue Mitted
female Ragdoll "Beignet"
Isaac & Sara Senty came from Goodlettesville
Tennessee 10-22-2016 for a Seal Point Ragdoll.
Neal & Natalie Chandler came from Shreveport 10-22-16 for their 2nd
Ragdoll.  This Seal Mitted Ragdoll whom they named "Meaux" is  now
friends with their other Ragdoll "Mia"
Nurse Mimi with Kate & Carolyn Barker
of Houma got a Persian 10-29-2016
Trina Martin & her friend Johnna Melito of "Halo's Salon" in Denham Springs came 11-6-2016
for a White Persian male Trina named "Jon Snow".   Here they are May 2017 above!
Dexter & Cayla Lirette of Houma La got
a Seal Ragdoll "Dex" 12-7-16
Danielle & Coleman Theriot of Youngsville, La came
on 12-16-16 to adopt a little black rescue kitten
Justin Marchiano with his Seal Mitted
Ragdoll "Sam" from Cats By Francy 2016
Richard Cox of Opelousas, La with his
Ragdoll Lynx "Oswald" (pic 12-7-16)
Dana Roques daughter Hadley" with
her Blue Mitted Ragdoll they named  
"Sully" 12-2016
Shanna Boudreaux of St. Francisville
got our Seal Mitted Female Ragdoll
Ragdoll Blue Mitted SOLD 12-23-16 to Retired RN Gwendolyn
Thibodeaux, Milton & their grandson Reese of Gray La.
Julia Deville & Laura Bertrand from Melville, La. came 11-14-16 for a
Seal Bicolor Ragdoll
Joseph DeLaughter & Michael Schoen Jr came from
Baton Rouge 11-18-2016 to get 2 Ragdolls
of "Lucy" & "Big Foot"
11-21-16 Lilly Riera of Plaquemine got this Blue
Mitted Ragdoll boy.
Casey Comb & Katie Brasseaux of Breaux
Bridge, La adopted a Black Longhaired rescue
kitty 11-25-2016
Slick, Nori & Braxton Joiner came 12-4-16 from Jena
La. for a White Persian male.
Cathleen Polit came from Slidell with her
mom 11-11-16  for our Seal Mitted Ragdoll
2 baby female Golden Persians available now &
their birthdate is 3-3-2017.  This is #2  
Ragdoll "Bandit Beignet Barkerding" SOLD 1-6-17 to Amy Barkerding
for  Landry, Brooks & Bear of Covington, La.
White Persian female SOLD 1-1-2017 to Maddie Stevens of Belle
Chase La.
Laura Tamburo's daughter Presley with
her Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll "Roman"
from Cats by Francy 1-2017
3-10-17 Nick & Dorothy Finley came from SanAntonioTx to adopt
Sparkles Seal Point Ragdoll female
SOLD Seal Mitted Female "Emmie" to Cameron
& Jana Latuso of Gonzolas La  3-10-17
RagdollsSOLD 2-24-2017 to nurse Michelle Sanchez & her mom
Shirley Gaspard (policewoman) of White Castle, La.
SOLD to Brian, Melissa & Chloe Murphy of Harvey La 3-10-17   
Seal Bicolor Ragdoll Male
SOLD 3-10-17 to Will & Kelly Tingle of Valley View Tx.
Their 2 Ragdolls both have a goatee like Will.
Seal Point male Ragdoll SOLD 2-17-17 to Harold & Mika Bilich of
Laf. La.
SOLD Blue Point Mitted Female 2-20-17 to Ray, Wendy, Zane, Jude & Tess Schenk of
Missouri City,  Tx
Sebrina Alivernini of Lumberton TX
came 3-17 for a Seal Mitted Ragdoll
March 3, 2017 Joshua Creasman &  
his daughter Macie of Youngsville La.
got a Ragdoll kitten they named "Lilly"
Ronda Rosevear's daughter Rylie w/our
Brown  Persian she named "Jerzy" 2-10-2017
Gene & Gail Lemoine of Metarie got our Ragdoll Seal
Mitted Male "Beau" 3-17-17
SOLD Seal Bicolor Ragdoll to Richard Phu
of Houston Tx 2-28-2017    
Brandon & Sarah Long from Effie, La. got
our Seal Lynx Ragdoll 3-16-2017
Chris, Lauren, London & Kaia Boutte of Maurice La. put
deposits on 2 baby Ragdolls 3-3-2017
Hayley Haydel & Clarke Broussard of Pineville, La. got
a Ragdoll Seal Bicolor from us on 2-2017   
Kristy Andrus of Baton Rouge with her 2 Ragdolls
from Francy, "Beau" & "Bella" 1- 2017.  She also
rescues dogs & cats & finds them loving homes
Jana Latuso of Gonzolas Louisiana  
with her Seal Mitted Ragdoll male
SOLD 3-2-17 Seal Point Mitted female to Hayden Brandhurst of
Shreveport, La.
SOLD Blue Point Mitted female 3-6-17 to Jewel
Higgins & Dason of Jeanerette, La.
Female Seal bicolor SOLD 4-21-17 to
Julynn Kinard of Carencro La
Brandon & Barrett Bonin of Lafayette, La. adopted their Seal Point
Ragdoll of Tweety Pie on 4-21-2017
SOLD 4-7-2017 Seal Point Mitted male
Ragdoll to David Nemetz of Conroe Tx
Ragdoll female SOLD 4-21-17 to
Julynn Kinard of CarencroLa
Jessica Smith of Lafayette Louisiana got a
Ragdoll Seal Mitted for Evelyn & Owen 4-11-17
John &Shawna Fuselier of Deridder La got a Lynx Ragdoll
from us long ago & another on 3-16-17
Shawna, Brice & Ethan Maxey of Sulphur,
La. got a Seal Bi Ragdoll 4-1-17
SOLD 4-8-2017 our Seal Bicolor Ragdoll to Shannon & Madison
Cobb of Youngsville; Owner of  "Apropos Salon"
Ashley Owens of Ruston, La. got a Seal
Bicolor Ragdoll female 4-7-17


Tweety Pie's male SOLD 4-15-17 to
Charlie Miller family of Madisonville La
SOLD 4-9-17 to Melanie DeViney Nix
of Slidell, La
SOLD 3-13-17 to Jenny Grimball of
Sulphur La.
SOLD Blue Bicolor male Ragdoll
4-16-17 to Kasie LaFleur Pine Prairie La.
SOLD 4-17-17 Seal Mitted Ragdoll to
Brady & Melissa Walton of Pride, La
SOLD 4-20-17 Seal
Mitted  to Foster Phillips
SOLD 4-22-17 Brown Tabby female
Ragamuffin $1700 to Brian Cader of Jena La
SOLD 4-22-17 to Lorraine Miller
of Marrero
Snow Angel & Beauty's female
White Persian born 3-13-17  
$1800 + $144tax
2016 below
SOLD 4-24-17 to Nurse Melanie
Nix of Slidell, La
4-21-2017 Melissa, Anna, Eden & Heidi Walton came from
Pride La w/her mom for Tweety Pie's male Seal Mitted w/Splash
Seal Bicolor Ragdoll female
$1250 + $100 tax  
SOLD 5-2-17 to Erik Munoz of
Ragdoll SOLD 5-10-17 to John
Shilling of the "Sugar Shack" in
Franklinton La.
PERSIAN FEMALE KITTENS:  born 3-3-2017 to Snow Angel &
Strawberry Shortcake.
   $1500 + $120 tax.
Amber Lopez with Francy's Brown
Tabby Persian kitten April 2017
Ragdoll males Seal Lynx & Seal Point  Mitted
of "Lilly" & "Big Foot" born 2-25-2017
Donna Comeaux just got this pair from us to grow up together & Donna's mother had a stroke so
she needs to place them.
($2000 for the pair or $1250 each) Please call or text 985-696-8360
#4 Seal Bicolor female $1000
#5Seal Mitted Lynx female $1250
#6 Seal Mitted female $1200
#10 Seal Mitted dark chin $1200
#9 Seal Bicolor male $1100
#11 Seal Mitted  $1250
Ragdolls born to "Punkin Pie" & "Cat Man Do" on 4-27-2017
#8 Seal Bicolor female $1000
"Lolly" & "Big Foot's" Blue Mitted
female born 4-25-2017 $1250 + tax
SOLD to Whitney Guererro
 5-23-2017 in Columbia La
#7 Male Sold 5-23-17 to Judy
Pennison of Westwego, La
Female Sold 5-23-17  to Lisa
Leopard of Pineville, La.
Ragdolls born to "Lola" & "Raggedy Andy" on 4-23-2017
Leslie Shadle & her dad of Lafayette
came 2-17-17 for a Blue Pt female
<  Cheree Litton's Lynx
Ragdoll "Oswald"
at 1 year old
April 2017